Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Looking Back

Talking about cigars, I always remember how my great grandfather told me about how he started and stopped smoking cigar. He said that he really doesn't like it at first but since they are always out in the cold at night so he started to stick with it. He said it helps him stay awake and drive away mosquitoes and bugs at night. Yes, I heard you. It sounds funny but maybe it's true. I can't justify it myself since I haven't been out in the rice field or meadows at night. My great grandparents ricefields were far from their house that is why he and the people he paid to help him in the fields have to stay in a small house or barn during planting and harvesting or anytime they have to do something in the fields. So they said at the middle of the night they gathered around a bonfire and have some cigars while sharing their individual stories. My great grandfather then stop smoking when my beloved great grandmother asked him to stop. He said my great grandmother's never-ending support and love had made him stop after smoking for 40 years. Isn't it sweet? Love, oh, love!

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