Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hubby's New Entertainment

Hubby finally found the HDTV that he wants. After visiting several stores and spending so many hours searching for it, we are finally done. However, before he found the TV that we have right now we initially purchased a plasma HDTV. Unfortunately, it doesn't work for us since our game room has many windows so we decided to return it and bought HDTV LCD instead. I am sure many of us know that plasma won't work well in a well-lit room since too much light create so much glare. Putting up curtains will minimize the glare but it will also make the room dark which we don't like. So our option is putting blinds in all windows except the decorative window directly on top of the front door. Now, hubby is getting ready to order the blinds for the windows in the second floor of the house. The LCD TV doesn't have a problem with too much light but the blinds will give more privacy so it is still needed.

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