Saturday, February 6, 2010

Energy Booster Is What I Need

My doctor told me that I have to start taking vitamins especially that I am now getting older. I think he is right. I think I do need a supplement especially that I am busy with work and at home. I think the weather is also one of the contributing factor why I feel so tired lately especially in the morning. I also have trouble sleeping early at night so vitamins that will help me relax at night and active during daytime is needed. But let us see if I will still feel the same way during summer. You may say this is a stupid excuse but I think my difficulty in waking up early morning is due to the extreme cold especially when temperature was in single digit. Well, spring is approaching and before we know it summer will be here so let us see if it helps me getting back to my daily early morning routine before. Wish me luck guys...

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