Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Weekend Time Spent Wisely

Last weekend, we did a couple of changes in the interior of the house. We re-arranged the furniture and painted some walls. Hubby and I decided to paint an accent wall in the living room and breakfast nook. We used a shade of yellow in the living room accent wall and red in the breakfast nook. We added an Asian plant and pictures to go with our Asian theme. We also did a thorough house cleaning of the whole house. We didn't make a lot of mess during while painting but since we haven't do a thorough cleaning lately so we decided to do it while we are on the mood (excuses...excuses...LOL). We have used wipes, cleaning spray, towels and solutin to maintain the glossy look of the granite in the kitchen counters. I told hubby that next time we go to the store, we might check some organic cleaning stuff like Anilox roll cleaner, adhesive removers and other greener cleaner. Afterall, it is nice to be concerned with our environment. Hubby didn't much agree about those green cleaning materials might be a bit expensive. Or maybe not, I really didn't get the chance to do a search and make a direct comparison.

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