Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Unemployment and Work

Unemployment rate in the US is soaring high after the country economy declined. Thousands of people lost their job which pulls down the housing market and the nationwide and even worldwide economic status of the people. Yes, some companies are still hiring people to take over the essential position of the company; however, the hiring process takes longer most of the time.

Today, job applicant can now go to the internet; apply and submit application online. There are several job posting sites nowadays but if you live in Philadephia and you are looking for a phila jobs then check out Phillyjobs.com. Anyway, good luck on your job hunting!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Technology and Life

With the latest technology, the answers to most of our needs are only a touch or mouse click away. Today, you can shop at your favorite store online, purchase your hotel room and airline ticket for your upcoming vacation in the net, do online banking or shop for your insurance without leaving your home. Everything is now very easy to do. The once complicated and time constraint activity can now be done at home with only few clicks away. Before you have to go from one company to another to shop and do a comparison with your insurance need but now you can get a medical, life or travel insurance quote in the worldwide web. However, the catch maybe is be extra careful in doing stuff online as there are a lot of people with bad intentions lurking in the net.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Educational Advancement

Few of my undergrad classmates in college either pursue their masters related to their undergrad degree or proceed to take up law. Most of them are working while pursuing their masters or law so it isn't easy for them. Honestly, I salute them for having the courage and the determination to advance their studies despite of their busy schedule from work. They work hard to achieve their dreams and goals in life and I won't blame them for doing that. I do the same.

Anyway, my classmates who proceed to law told me that they have to pass an admission test before getting into the program. I think it is similar to LSAT in which law aspiring students need to undergo to get ready. There are books and some institutions that offers LSAT prep at an additional cost. In addition to that, there are already a lot of online programs that students can utilize and Knewton.com/lsat is one of those that offers online LSAT prep program. This is a tough examination and everyone should be ready just like what my former classmates did before taking it.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Just done with my 20-minute Pilates exercise and men it was tiring. My muscles have been stretched out again tonight after several days that I stop doing my 20-minute Pilates exercise. I stopped doing this because I have been focusing on doing another routine of daily exercise. But tonight, I decided to do the Pilates again.

I remember, it was a year ago when I have to completely stop doing this type of exercise because my back was sore. We planned to go to Panama City Florida at that time and I don't want my sore back to be the reason to be uncomfortable during the trip. So, I ended up doing another routine of exercise just like we decided to change route to Las Vegas instead of Florida for our vacation. What a mess!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Your Phone and Your Safety

I am one of those drivers who would as much as possible avoid using their phone while driving on the road. If I have to take a call, it will be a brief one just telling the caller that I am driving and will return the call in my earliest convenient time. There are several instances that I missed hubby's important calls so he suggested that we will buy a bluetooth headset for me. He said that it will be easier for me to attend to my calls when I don't have to worry about holding my phone in one hand while driving with the other hand. I am too convinced yet if I have to wear one because I still believe that using your phone in whatever way is still a way to divert your attention from the wheels.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Your Weight and the Holiday Food

A lot of people has problem sticking to their diet or limiting their food intake during holiday months. I won't blame them! With all the food available in the table sometimes you are really tempted to eat more and more and more even if your body doesn't need it anymore. Oh, I am not an exemption to that! I did it last year but this year I think I am so good in sticking to my diet.

By the way, the question is how can you keep yourself from gaining weight during this time? There are a lot of things you can do. You can increase your workout or gym time, you can eat just a portion of each food on the table, exercise too often or some will tend to use diet pills. One of my friends was talking about alli diet pill and told me to visit allireviews.com for more details.

I know, keeping yourself from gaining weight is easy said than done but just try your best...