Saturday, October 31, 2009

Work Safe

Working with utmost care is very important to keep yourself safe from possible hazards in your workplace. If you are working in the construction industry, wearing a hat on the "hard hat" area is a must to protect yourself especially your head from falling debris. Also, wearing face mask, gloves or safety glasses while working at a chemical laboratory is advisable. There are more and more industrial safety supplies that are available in the market depending on your field of work. You'll see more choices of different industrial safety supplies at Safeguard yourself, after all, everyone agrees that prevention is better than cure.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Get Your Insurance Quote Today!

More than anything else, today is the best time to get yourself and your family secured for any unexpected circumstances the future may bring. Buying an insurance for your family is what I am talking about. Nowadays, it is not very difficult to get an insurance quote; all you have to do is go online to the insurance companies website or give them a hola over the phone. There are a lot of companies that offer insurance plans that offer customization to meet yours and your family's needs and budget. So, don't wait no more, get one today!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

It is Trick or Treat Time!

Halloween is around the corner. I bet everyone is very busy now buying candies for trick or threat and customes for the upcoming Halloween parties. Our little one has been talking about the customes he wants to wear for that night while hubby and I are still not able to come up with a decision on what to wear. A friend suggested that breeches might be good for him and women custome that belongs to the era is what I will get. I talked to hubby about it but he is not so much convince yet since he said he doesn't want to show off his growing tummy. LOL. I can't blame him because it is too late to trim it down before Halloween.
How about y'all here? What do you want to be for your upcoming Halloween party?

Ladies Talk

Last night, everyone was talking about their plans on lossing weight to look great for the coming holidays. Everyone shared on how they control their diet, doing extreme workouts and even their plans to take diet pills or undergo cosmetic surgery. Sounds like a normal ladies talk, huh? Anyway, someon shared a story of her friend's drastic weight loss. Infact, in a matter of 3 months, her friend lost 30 lbs using a diet pill, doing exercise and strict diet. So, somehow some ladies think that they are also going to use diet pills but there are concern on the effect of the pills in their health. Well, we all know that some pills can both bring advantages or disadvantages to our body. It is best to take to the doctor first prior to taking one. With so much diet pills available in the market right now claiming they are the best, it is very much difficult to justify which is really the best diet pills among them. Seeking professional help in determing which diet pills is best for you is always advisable.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Weight Watcher!

Loosing weight is easy said than done. When we realize that we have gained weight, we often put ourselves on a strict diet, extreme exercise routine and some will even take diet pills or undergo cosmetic surgery. Worst, people will not eat and starve themselves thinking it is the fastest and the easy way to loose pounds. But, we all know that is wrong. Day by day, a lot of people get frustrated and depressed because no matter what they do they are never successful shedding some pounds. It is hard; I know. I have been there and done that. It needs discipline and dedication as to doing exercise everyday and eating a balance diet. But how to burn fat faster and easier? I am sure people will have different answer to this. However, visit, maybe the information that is available is the answer to your long quest in lossing weight.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Tour to a Paradise

If hubby and I don't plan to visit PI next year, we would have been in one of the beautiful beaches in Mexico enjoying and relaxing this summer. Cancun is undeniably beautiful paradise but in my opinion it is one of the most crowded and commercialized vacation destination in Mexico that is why I would rather prefer to spend my vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Playa Del Carmen and other less crowded beaches in Mexico. For instance, Puerto Vallarta beach and non-beach front hotels are giving huge discount right now. Who would not love a 50% discount in a Puerto Vallarta hotel? I bet everyone would love to hear this. Beautiful beaches, great food and fabulous amusement/recreation places, your vacation will be a very unforgettable one and something that you would love to do all over again.

Formal or Cocktail Dresses?

Hubby and I will be attending a formal event on the 24th of this month; however, until now we are not able to agree on what clothes we are going to wear. I was thinking of buying a cocktail dress for the party and a matching long sleeve and a tie for hubby. On the other hand, I was also thinking of buying a formal dress and perhaps tuxedos for hubby will be fitting for the occasion. I just talked to my friends tonight and most of them has confirmed with me that they will be wearing a formal dress. I really would love to wear a cocktail dress to the party but if all of my friends will wear a formal dress, I might as well wear one. I know I only have a couple of days left until the scheduled event so I need to hurry up with my decision. Comes weekend, I will have to buy the dress that I have to wear to the party. I will have an update here by then...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Travel Light or Over Loaded?

Two days ago, hubby left for Chicago for their yearly managers' conference. When I saw him packing his stuff the night before he left, I feel sad. I am not used now for him to be away for couple of days for business trips unlike when we just get married. He is seldom on the road now for business.
Anyway, hubby tried to use his smaller Samsonite luggage for this trip; he is the type of person who always wants to travel as light as possible. However, some of his stuff won't fit so he was forced to use the bigger luggage. Yesterday, he called me and he said he bought a bigger Samsonite luggage that we can use for our trip to the Philippines next year. He said it was on sale and the discount was really big. When I heard he buy another big luggage, I was afraid that it will be too big than what I want. However, he assured me that it doesn't look very big and it has a lot of compartments so he thought it is even better than the one we currently have. Well, somehow it makes sense...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Piece by Piece

My beloved mom-in-law visited us today. She had noticed that the 2 pictures hang in our dinning area is still on the same position as it was the last time she came over. She asked me if I have talked to hubby as to hanging the pictures at an angle. I told her not yet. So, she and hubby did it today and as always it looks great. It is one of our wall decors which stand out once you enter the room. Aside from the wall decor, we have been also talking about getting a new area rug for one of our rooms in the house. We don't know yet if we are going to get just a solid color bright or neutral color rug or a combination of different bright colors. After the security system has been installed, getting an area rug and 2-inch blinds are our next stop. OMG! We still have long way to go till we will fully furnished our love-nest but we just want to take things slowly since we want to pay cash with everything that we will buy for the house...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

What's In Today in Kitchen Renovation?

Nowadays, having granite is one of the most popular pick for kitchen countertops. The cost is somehow one of the drawbacks in using it in many kitchen renovations. However, if you use a granite tile for you kitchen countertops and backsplash instead of a slab then it will cost you less and it is easier to install especially if you are doing the project yourself. I guess, we are lucky since it is included as one of the upgrades of the house that we bought. The builder uses another type of tile as our backsplash which blends with our kitchen and breakfast floor. Honestly, I don't know though if I would like it if the builder opted to use a granite tile backsplash instead. Go online or check your nearby home improvement stores for more details about it.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Barcode Scanner Hunt

I received a phone call from my close friend today. She wants to know if either me or hubby knows where she can buy a barcode scanner. She said that they are going to impose a new procedure in their customer service department and being the manager she is on task by the corporate office to look for a good deal. Hubby said that he had helped his previous company to buy one but the person who gave him the good deal isn't working already with the company where he bought the barcode scanner before. However, hubby referred to check POS Systems by I called my friend and gave her the website. I hope it helps here.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Safeguard Your Health

Today is the fourth day in a row that I am not working. I was sick since Monday. I have cough and fever and I absolutely don't feel well so I called my supervisor informing her that I can't come to work. I thought I will be okay the following day but I was wrong. Yesterday, I went to see my doctor and thanks God she confirmed to me that it was just a normal flu not the scary H1N1 virus and she said that base on the signs I am already on my way to full recovery. She advised me to drink a lot of fluids, have some rest, take Tylenol every 4 hours if I still have my fever and she prescribed a medicine for my cough. However, she told me that I have to wait tomorrow, Friday, to go back to work to give my body ample time to relax and get well. However, I was warned by her that if I will have a body temperature of above 100F, I should not go back to work coz that means I still have a slight fever. She explains to me that it is just for precautionary measure. Anyway, I am now excited to go back to work tomorrow. However, since our office are only open on weekdays, so tomorrow will be my first and last day at work for this week... LOL