Thursday, July 23, 2009

Enjoying Our New-Found Comfort

This is our second week in our new house and we are loving it. Oh, it feels so great to have a privacy away from the prying eyes and ears. We love our new neighbors. So far, everyone we met is very friendly and very reassuring; qualities that would really make you feel at home. During our moving, our next door neighbor even approached us and offer help but since we were only down to moving the small stuff so we politely declining his offer.

Hubby and I were very busy unpacking our stuff. We started unpacking and arranging stuff for the first level then we will go upstairs. Well, there is not much really to unpack upstairs except for the kids clothes. Looking at the emptiness of the house right now; I know that I need to buy more stuff to make it look full. However, hubby and I decided to slow down. We want to buy everything in cash as much as possible. Don't want to add any amount due per month to our mortgage.

Anyway, just giving every a heads up on what's going on with me and my family these days. I will give more updates as we move along...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Get Your Family Covered!

Sudden death in the family is so devastating. It is the lowest point in everyone's life. In most cases' it also leads to a huge financial down turn especially if the family left behind is not secured financially. The beareved family suffers so much pain from lossing their loved one and will also endure the pain of lossing their properties because it is not insured. That is why it is always recommended to get a mortgage life insurance so that properties and everyone left behind is covered in emergencies like this. We are covered. how about you?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Acne Remedy

I hate to see pimple in my face, how much more if I have an acne? I will probably panic and becomes very conscious about my face. I am sure I will feel embarassed for no reason; who isn't?

Fortunately, I don't have to worry about acne since I never have one. Also, I barely have a pimple. I am a lucky girl, huh! But for people who are prone to acne/pimple, you may want to check out With a lot of acne treatment products available in the market today, sometimes it is confusing to know which product is best for you and your skin. Treatment for acne can be long, frustrating if you do not have a guidance in choosing the product which best suits you. However, please be reminded that it is also best to consult your doctor about as to what acne product you can use if you have one so as to avoid further complication.

Modern-Contemporary Design

Most modern-contemporary kitchen of today has a glass tile as their backsplash. For me, glass tile goes well with dark or black counter tops and stainless steel appliances. One of our friends' kitchen with black counter tops and glass tile is sparkling and so gorgeous especially when all lights are on at night. I was thinking of having a glass tile in our kitchen but we end up having black granite since it is also one of our favorite. We are very happy with our kitchen but I am still looking into the possibility of having a glass tile backsplash in the future. If you thinking of renovating, check out's great tile selection.

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th everyone!

It has been a long 4th day. We have to go to our house and do final touch to get ready for our move this Saturday. However, before the day ends we managed to have a get together with my husband's family. We had a fantastic B-B-Q afternoon with our family which ended in watching a gorgeous fireworks display. Of course, we never forget to commerate the significance of this day. . . July 4th --- Independence Day. . .

We had a fabulous and safe 4th and I hope everyone does the same.

Busy as Bee

After almost 2 months of search, we finally bought a house. It is located north of the DFW airport, so it means we are moving to another city in the DFW metroplex. I was very excited during the start of our search but becomes a little bit apprehensive and stress now that we finally have it. The process was very stressful and the monthly responsibility is so big. The property tax, insurances plus the expected utilities bills are overwhelming. Oh, we also need to buy some furniture and exercise equipment like treadmill, bicycle or weights since we don't have a exercise facility in the neighborhood. With all the things going on, hubby and I decided to just do one thing at a time. I will keep you update what's next we have to do.

Moving Out Ain't a Joke

We started packing our stuff already to get ready for our move next Saturday. I would say we are already 80% done. Our things in the living room and the other room are already in the boxes. However, I need to unwrap one of the boxes last night since I need rubber stamps for one of the important papers we need to provide to our apartment people prior to moving out. It was such a big hassle; opening and sealing the box again after finding the stamps. Goosh, the paperworks from buying our house to moving out from our apartment has give me a headache. I know it isn't easy but I didn't know it will be this difficult and stressful.