Friday, November 27, 2009

Lost But Now Found

The header picture of my blogs have been gone for a couple of weeks. At first, I thought there was a problem with the site that is why the pictures were not launched properly. I somehow thought that it might be due to my pop-up blocker or blocked cookies set forth in my blogs.

I have checked my computer's internet options; changed the settings and still my header pictures are still gone. All I can see at the top of my blogs is a short note that says: M*** (pertains to my username) photobucket account has been deactivated for 90 days, please visit to activate it again.

Just tonight I realize that the disappearance of my blogs' header pictures has something to do with my Photobucket account's deactivation.

So, I went to and tried to log in to my account. After several attempts of failed log in, I almost decided to quit. Then, I remember another log in information. I entered it and this time it works! I was able to log in and my Photobucket account was activated.

I went back to check my blogs and guess what???? The header pictures are back!!!!

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