Thursday, October 8, 2009

Travel Light or Over Loaded?

Two days ago, hubby left for Chicago for their yearly managers' conference. When I saw him packing his stuff the night before he left, I feel sad. I am not used now for him to be away for couple of days for business trips unlike when we just get married. He is seldom on the road now for business.
Anyway, hubby tried to use his smaller Samsonite luggage for this trip; he is the type of person who always wants to travel as light as possible. However, some of his stuff won't fit so he was forced to use the bigger luggage. Yesterday, he called me and he said he bought a bigger Samsonite luggage that we can use for our trip to the Philippines next year. He said it was on sale and the discount was really big. When I heard he buy another big luggage, I was afraid that it will be too big than what I want. However, he assured me that it doesn't look very big and it has a lot of compartments so he thought it is even better than the one we currently have. Well, somehow it makes sense...

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