Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Us and Our Little One

Two days after the start of this school year, hubby went out town for a business trip so I was left alone with our little man. While hubby is gone, I was the one who dropped him off at school in the morning and picked him up from his babysitter after work and helped him with his school works when we get home. It was tiring but very rewarding and fulfilling.

As part of our emotional support for him, we decided to take him to school every morning even if he can ride the school bus. Since hubby goes to work at 8:00AM, he is the one who drops him off at school. However, if he has to report to work very early or is out of town, we decided that I will have to take over.

When in there school, I was so amazed seeing all the little ones eating breakfast in the cafeteria. Moreover, it is so cute to see their little classroom desks. Oh boy, it reminds me of my elementary years. By the way, our little man is now in first grade. Time goes by so fast, huh...

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