Thursday, September 3, 2009

Till Next Summer!

Summer is almost over. Unlike last year, hubby and I never go for a vacation this year. I wish our last year's Vegas escapade will have a repeat but since we just bought a house so we decided to take things slowly. We will just save our bucks for a great vacation to the Philippines next year.

Some of our good friends invited us to go to Branson, Missouri for a short get-away but we politely declined. A Filipina who lives near the Ozark mountain had a birthday party and everyone was invited to come. When they were back they have told us how exciting and memorable their Branson vacations was. They were able to see the beautiful Ozark mountains; they had been to the lakes; drove around the woods and had camped at the outskirt of the mountain. Sure, I was jealous and I have told myself that I won't never miss their future Branson vacations. If my work won't permit to drive there; I will look for a good airline package and fly.

I know I missed a lot this summer. We planned to head south, to Florida this year but after we bought the house our plans changed and decided to postpone it for the summer after next since we are heading to the Philippines next summer.

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