Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Family Adventure

It was a short talk and a quick visit but my dear friend and I got the chance to talk about their upcoming family vacation to Florida. Her little ones have been bugging her to go to Disney so they decided to go to Florida for this year. For their stay there, there's no problem since she was able to get an incredible Disneyland packages online. According to her, the Disneyland package that they got will surely make their kids enjoy Disney the most. Everyone is so happy and excited about the trip. Who will not be? Tell me...

Healthy Conversation

Today, one of our topics at work during our lunch break is dieting. Everyone shares their ways on how they avoid gaining or how they loose weight in the last couple of months. Everyone admits that losing weight is very difficult. If you aren't determined and disciplined to do it, you won't go nowhere. We had talked whether starvation, diet pills, cosmetic surgery can really help one loose weight. Some say yes, some say no and the rest say maybe... Our conversation went on and on but at the end everyone agreed that eating healthy food at the right amount and time and exercise is the best way in achieving the best shape that you can ever be. Do you agree?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Us and Our Little One

Two days after the start of this school year, hubby went out town for a business trip so I was left alone with our little man. While hubby is gone, I was the one who dropped him off at school in the morning and picked him up from his babysitter after work and helped him with his school works when we get home. It was tiring but very rewarding and fulfilling.

As part of our emotional support for him, we decided to take him to school every morning even if he can ride the school bus. Since hubby goes to work at 8:00AM, he is the one who drops him off at school. However, if he has to report to work very early or is out of town, we decided that I will have to take over.

When in there school, I was so amazed seeing all the little ones eating breakfast in the cafeteria. Moreover, it is so cute to see their little classroom desks. Oh boy, it reminds me of my elementary years. By the way, our little man is now in first grade. Time goes by so fast, huh...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Know the Trick to Slim Down

I bet you too would like to know what are the best weight loss programs available in the market today. I agree with you, it becomes so confusing because all companies that offers weight loss programs claim that theirs is 100% effective. For instance, some companies advertise that you will lost 10-20 lbs within 2 weeks of use or else they are going to refund your money. Do you believe in this? To stop confusions like this, was launched. Make use of your time wisely by visiting this website and know the ways to slim down effectively. There are tricks involved in those advertised weight programs and you are entitled to know them.

Till Next Summer!

Summer is almost over. Unlike last year, hubby and I never go for a vacation this year. I wish our last year's Vegas escapade will have a repeat but since we just bought a house so we decided to take things slowly. We will just save our bucks for a great vacation to the Philippines next year.

Some of our good friends invited us to go to Branson, Missouri for a short get-away but we politely declined. A Filipina who lives near the Ozark mountain had a birthday party and everyone was invited to come. When they were back they have told us how exciting and memorable their Branson vacations was. They were able to see the beautiful Ozark mountains; they had been to the lakes; drove around the woods and had camped at the outskirt of the mountain. Sure, I was jealous and I have told myself that I won't never miss their future Branson vacations. If my work won't permit to drive there; I will look for a good airline package and fly.

I know I missed a lot this summer. We planned to head south, to Florida this year but after we bought the house our plans changed and decided to postpone it for the summer after next since we are heading to the Philippines next summer.

Get the Ball Rolling...

I thought our move is already over. We have all our stuff in the house and we have been in the house for more 2 months now. However, decorating our house will still be a long process. We just can't decide as to what concept to use. We have so much ideas as to how we want our place to look like and it is a little difficult to integrate all of them. There was one thing though that hubby and I both agree; we want to change our tv stand for the game room. It is too big and kinda do not jive with the modern-contemporary design we are trying to conceptualize. It may not be tomorrow but we are planning to shop for tv stands soon. It is still a long way for us, huh...