Thursday, August 13, 2009

Union of Hearts

My husband and I will be attending a wedding on October. I asked him what outfit he would like to wear but he isn't sure yet so I suggested him to wear a tuxedo. He was laughing at first because he thought that a tuxedo will be too formal for the occasion. I thought it is not.

So now, I am left with the assignment to know where the reception will be held so hubby can determine as to how formal our clothes can be for that occasion. I can't help it but to get very excited for the couple. I am going to witness again a union of two hearts.

Since I was young, I always love going to weddings. I don't care if I am choosen as one of the bridemaids or flower girls; all I want is to be there. Oh, I love seeing the extreme happiness and the overflowing love in the eyes of the bride and groom and the witnesses.

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vicy said...

Hello!!Visiting here tonight..Take care and God Bless!!