Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Get Drunk or Stay Sober?

There are a lot of reason why excessive alcohol drinking is not good. Among the disadvantages are as follows:
(a) you have the big chance to get charge with DUI/DWI or cause accident on the road;
(b) health hazards;
and (c)there are a lot of unavoidable circumstances that a person does because his body and mind is already govern by alcohol.

Say for instance, a 30 year old guy from Bedford, Texas shoot a lady dude when he found out that the person who he thought is a woman the whole time they are together is a dude. This 30-year-old guy brought home the lady dude from the bar that he went that night. He claims that he wasn't able to determine the gender of the person he is with since he was so drunk. This incident sounds funny but it could have been avoided if that 30-year-old guy was in his sound mind and judgement. Now, he is prison due to a case filed against him resulting from the shooting.

The above is just a concrete example of why excessive alcohol drinking is not favorable at all.

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