Saturday, August 22, 2009

Men and Women's Similarities

I always thought women are more particular on how to make their stuff look beautiful and well-organized but I am somehow wrong. Yes, it is true that most women love to shop and accessories themselves compared to men but if men get so obsessed with something ,they don't care even if they will have to spend thousands of greens. Oh, most men's toys aren't cheap! For example, most men love to make their cars an eye turner in the road or in places they go. A neighbor of ours who doesn't mind spending hundreds of dollars just to change the tires, turbo, headlights and other truck accessories that in my point of view not necessary.

For me, no matter which angle you are going to look at, men and women are so similar in many ways.... It is just a matter of who knows how to spend their hard earned money wisely!

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JazeVox said...

cars and tools arent cheap, and most guys go crazy over those!

musta na marie! nice to see you here sa blogosphere again!