Thursday, July 23, 2009

Enjoying Our New-Found Comfort

This is our second week in our new house and we are loving it. Oh, it feels so great to have a privacy away from the prying eyes and ears. We love our new neighbors. So far, everyone we met is very friendly and very reassuring; qualities that would really make you feel at home. During our moving, our next door neighbor even approached us and offer help but since we were only down to moving the small stuff so we politely declining his offer.

Hubby and I were very busy unpacking our stuff. We started unpacking and arranging stuff for the first level then we will go upstairs. Well, there is not much really to unpack upstairs except for the kids clothes. Looking at the emptiness of the house right now; I know that I need to buy more stuff to make it look full. However, hubby and I decided to slow down. We want to buy everything in cash as much as possible. Don't want to add any amount due per month to our mortgage.

Anyway, just giving every a heads up on what's going on with me and my family these days. I will give more updates as we move along...

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