Saturday, May 16, 2009

Live Healthy

Although, I am still very keen in watching my weight right now, but I would say I was worst during my college days. Back then, my weight is very much below my height-weight ratio but I still want to loose couple of pounds. Sometimes, I blame myself for being so vain in so many ways but I realized our society's standard of sexy and beautiful is also one of the factors that could trigger people to starve themselves just to obtain their desired weight. As all of us know, our society equate sexy, hot and beautiful to being very thin or skinny. So, who can we blame?

Right now, I still want to maintain my body so I tried myself to eat healthy not starve myself. I tried to eat more vegetables and fruits. We make sure to cook and not just drop by in fastfood restaurants to grab just anything they have for our meal. I don't want to go through intensive dieting again or some say starvation but I don't want to gain weight so better watch what I am eating. I don't want to be like my friend; so desperate to loose weight. With my friends' desperation to loose weight, she even think to use diet pills. She said she is currently reading diet pill review so she will have an overview as to which diet pills will somehow work for her. I advise her to make sure to talk about her with her doctor. Oh well life...

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