Saturday, April 25, 2009

Body Detox

Many of us may just ignore the importance of keeping our colon clean at all times. However, one must remember that undergoing body detox often is very important. It will keep your body's organs healthy and well-functioning. With all the food and pollutants that gets into our body everyday we really need to make sure our body is clean and taken cared of. For colon detox products, you can go online and try to search which one works best for you and of course with your doctor's approval, if needed. Colon detox products includes Colonix, Colovox, Bowtrol and many more. For more details, you can visit

Friday, April 24, 2009

No More Long Wait

Last night, our PC was so slow in downloading websites. So, I told my husband about it. He told me to run the virus scanner and thanks God there was no infected file we found. He told to delete unnecessary stuff stored in the computer because it might be that our computer memory is getting low. After I deleted some files, our PC is now working just fine. Hubby then told me that he will buy a higher byte memory disk to make the computer download even faster and no more whining from me everytime I use the PC.... lol.

Its Getting Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

Since it is now getting warmer in Texas, this is the perfect time for all outdoor activities. It is the perfect time to have those family afternoon barbeque. Since the family is getting bigger, I know we need to add more patio chairs so that many will be accommodated outside the house. It is more fun if everyone get the chance to hang out where most of the family are sitted. I am sure that many of us here have waited summer to come. Finally, we get the chance to enjoy outside rather than keeping ourselves inside the house due to cold. So, enjoy everyone!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wise Spending

Be a wise buyer; that is always what I instill in my mind. Many of us will agree if I will say that today is not the perfect time to mess around with your money. As much as possible, try to get bargain in everything you will purchase. Using coupons, discount codes or buying items during sale is a very important thing to consider. In this way, you will save a lot of greens. If we talk about savings, is a perfect place to hang aroun if you are looking for good stuff at a very affordable price. Everyday is great savings at because of the huge savings they are giving to their customers and shipping is free. After all, who would not love shopping during sale or blowout clearance?

Be Competitive

The economic crisis that we are experiencing right now triggers the consumers to slow down in their spending. Most people buy only important stuff or the things that they need which affect the sales and leads of many businesses. Today, if you own a business, having a website is a great tool to make your company and products accessible to the consumers no matter what part of they world they are at. However, having a website is not only enough. I mean with thousands of products available in the market today; people tend to buy or hang around more on websites that are inviting or that are easy to navigate. If your website has offer none of these comfort to their users most likely they will just stay there for a moment and may never come back again. So, if you want an inviting, exciting, easy to navigate features in your website; conversion rate optimization is what you need. Learn more about it and who knows this maybe the answer to increase your sales and leads or website traffic...

So Into It

There are no right words to that I can use to describe how happy and thankful I am to have my current job. I just love it so much and most of all it allows me to spend more time with my husband since we are now off on the weekends. Now, hubby and I are both home at night and at the weekend. So far, we love the weekend off since we are now able to do things together. Just a couple of days ago, we went camping with our friends and their families. We also do road trips every now and then. If it is too wet outside, we just relax at home and enjoy marathon of movies. These are some things that we missed to do when I was still working in the hospitality industry. Bottom line is, I am just so happy and thankful for all the blessings the He gave us. Amidst of today's crisis, I was able to find a great job! To all of you who are still looking for job, just be patient and be deligent in looking for job! I am sure in due time you will find one! Good luck!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Weight Loss Latest Buzz

If going to the gym, engaging in yoga, pilates and other group exercise activities or excessive dieting doesn't work to maintain or loss your weight, why not try an appetite suppresant. This sounds interesting, right? There are few appetite suppressant available in the market today. You need not trust all of them right away without proving if it is effective but I am pretty sure that you can find a best appetite suppressant for yourself. It is just a matter of research and perhaps seeking advice from those people who have tried this type of product or you can visit for more details. Visit the latter, who knows this will be the answer already to your weight battle.

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Delight for my Beloved

Hubby and I is looking for a wholesale electronics to buy something for my brother and my father's birthday. We are looking for wholesale electronics because we think that they always give a better deal than the regular electronics store. However, I wish I could find something online that offers free delivery to my country in that way I will be able to save for the shipment and tax. If it doesn't work I am thinking of sending them through the balikbayan box the next time I am going to send one to PI. This will be a surprise. My brother and father didn't know about it so I am very much excited to know as to what their reaction will be. I know my brother and father has wish for these stuff so much that having them will be very much appreciated.

New Start, New Life

Its a month now since I start working in my new work and I love it! I love the work, the people and the place. I always look forward to going to work everyday. My husband is so happy knowing that I am happy and very much "into" my work. Most of all, we love the idea that we are all home at night. Yes, I am only working during the day plus I am always off on the weekends since our office is only open on the weekdays. I am so happy and thankful to be blessed to find this job. Thank you dear God for giving me the opportunity to spend more time with my family. To my husband, thank you for being so understanding as always.