Friday, March 6, 2009

Online Sales Training

Lately, I was asked by my GM to undergo a sales training online. She asked me to under the sales online course online thru Hilton University so that I will have an idea on what Hilton sales is all about. Few days ago, I started the course but since it is way too long and we were very busy so I am not even half way till the very moment. Because the modules are lengthy and it download so slow, I honestly find it boring. Oh, please believe me! LOL
However, I will still continue with this till I finish the course because it really helps me learn more. Once, I finish this course, I will be a big help with our Director of Sales since I can help her do contracts and enter SRPs' in our system. So, when I get bored I just told myself, "Hang on Marie; you will get there!" LOL

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