Saturday, March 28, 2009

Is Your Family Safe from Identity Theft?

Since identity theft is very rampant right now, hubby and I make sure that our family is guarded from it by getting an identity theft protection program. Well, having this may not ensure 100% free from possible fraud but having a monitoring program can at least minimize if not prevent the worst consequence a person may encounter in his life. If you want to know more about identity theft protection program and how this will be beneficial to your family, visit

Connect to the World with your Netbook

Are you tired of bringing a heavy laptop back and forth to work, school and home? If so, this is the right time to get yourself one of the many netbooks available on the market. Netbook functions like a laptop. You can use it to browse the internet, send and receive emails and instant messaging. The good thing is, this is less expensive, small and light which makes it easy to carry wherever you go. So, next time you go shopping for a laptop why not consider netbook instead.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Kitchen Buddies

Every weekend, if both of us are off from work, we always make sure that we are in the kitchen helping each other to make our favorite food. We oftentimes do food trip. We love to eat. Yes, we do.

Anyway, going back to the topic. I was marinating the meat when he called me to the kitchen sink. He was there washing some dishes and cooking pans. He pointed the sink while asking me if I know what kind of sink it is. Right away, I replied, "No Sir" since I really dont know it by heart. I am really clueless on why he asked me with it. Probably it was just a question that came to his mind out of the blue. Then, he said, this is an example of an undermount sink. He explains to me what makes it such and honestly I was impress on his knowledge about the topic.

Out of curiosity, I asked him how he knows it. He said because we both love to be in the kitchen, he makes sure that when he is looking for our soon-to-be house online, he double check everything he sees in the kitchen and do a research in case he isn't sure about it. All I said was, "Good job baby".

Friday, March 13, 2009

Enjoying a Beautiful Scenery

A week ago, my friends and I went to Dallas Arboretum. It was only a short trip but it was worthy because the place is amazing. Just when we are approaching the entrance, we already saw the beautiful flowers. It was such a fabulous welcome for the visitors! The lake has given a more dramatic and calm ambience which most people including my friends and I want. It is a great get-a-way place if you want to unwind or just keep yourself from the busy city surrounding. The tulips, lilies, daisies, roses and many more are just so beautiful. One of my friends has mentioned about seeing a knock out rose when they came their last year of this time. Since I am not so sure how a knock out rose look like so I search online and now I already know how it looks like.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How Strong Are You?

When hubby asked me to lift something, he will always laugh at me because I look like I have no strength in lifting especially with heavier stuff. He said I need to go back to the gym and work out my strength. He even mentioned that there are strength equipment that I can use to develop my body's strength. His comment seems like a joke but it is true. I also feel that there is a need for me to do some work out for my body. Anyway, this is for my own good. Well, let us see if I can have all the time and the energy to realize this plan.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Orlando Get Away

A friend of mine has called me today and she said that she is on her way to Orlando to meet with her husband. Her husband just comes back from Iraq and they decided to have a short Orlando vacations prior to heading back to their place. Well, after being away from each other they deserve a private, intimate vacation. I am so proud of them. I am proud of my friend for being very strong and supportive to her husband in all ways she thinks. I am very happy and proud of her husband for serving his country to the best he can, even it will cost his life.

Now, everyone is excited for them to come back home and we are going to hold a welcome party for him. We are very excited about it. We can't wait....

Friday, March 6, 2009

Online Sales Training

Lately, I was asked by my GM to undergo a sales training online. She asked me to under the sales online course online thru Hilton University so that I will have an idea on what Hilton sales is all about. Few days ago, I started the course but since it is way too long and we were very busy so I am not even half way till the very moment. Because the modules are lengthy and it download so slow, I honestly find it boring. Oh, please believe me! LOL
However, I will still continue with this till I finish the course because it really helps me learn more. Once, I finish this course, I will be a big help with our Director of Sales since I can help her do contracts and enter SRPs' in our system. So, when I get bored I just told myself, "Hang on Marie; you will get there!" LOL

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is Your House Fence Good Enough?

While looking for houses in the market, some of the things that hubby and I consider are the crime rate, location, neighborhood condition and fence. Hubby and I love to buy a house which fence is in good condition. Why? Of course, I don't want to spend extra money for the fence right after we move in the house.

One of the house that we like so much has a PVC fence. However, there is a certain portion of the fence, approximately, 24 inches long that is only in not so good condition. Since, I am curious as to how much probably we will spend in fixing it, I went to to get a free quote. My friend was right; this website is very helpful. It has helped me gain an idea on how much we will spend for a pvc fence installation in case we will push through with this house. also offer free quotes for other type of fence such as wood, aluminum, bamboo, steel, wrought iron and chain link. Visit them now and get your own estimate!

Be A Wise Shopper

Spring is already coming! Now, is the best time to start shopping for Spring outfits. Everywhere there is always a sale going on! That is why be very careful also. I mean, don't be an impulsive buyer. Don't just buy something because it is on sale. Still, you have to consider the quality of the product and of course the style. Try to ask yourself if that is really the style that would fit for you. With the crisis right now, I bet you don't want to spend couple of dollars today and end up wearing the product once because later that day you realized that it isn't your style. So shop around first and compare prices before spending your hard earned greens. Oh, you might want to check Dansko footwear for men and women. They have a pretty good deal right now. With this, you would certainly go wrong since their quality is already tested and proven.

On Watch Look Out

Because of the death of our friend's husband before Valentines Day, hubby and I chose to spend our Valentines with her and with our other Fil-Am friends. I became very busy that I didn't ever get the chance to buy something for my beloved husband. Now, although it is already March, I still think to get something for him. I consider getting him a watch.

Since he is a bit picky with his stuff, so I am doing couple of search first and read some reviews before buying it. Jaeger watch is very elegant and trendy that is why I like it; however, it is sad to note that I can't afford to buy this expensive watch as of now. So I need to continue searching more brands. I will probably get hubby a Jaeger watch if I won the lottery. LOL.

Career Shifting

I am still very overwhelmed until today! Yesterday, I got a very good news after my job interview. They called me after few minutes and although it wasn't a formal offer yet but the HR recruiter has already confirmed with me that my panel interview was productive and they are drafting the offer for me for approval. Right now, I am just waiting for them to inform me about the formal offer. I am just so excited and I can't wait to start a new career.
I guess this is really is it! Time for me to bid goodbye with the hospitality industry. I didn't say I will not consider working in hospitality again but for now I look forward to the start of my new job. Soon no more nights and no more crazy schedule! Thanks God!

Make Your Kitchen Fab and Hip

Are you doing a renovation with your house or buy a house and would like to re-decorate your kitchen according to your preferences? If so, check out the beautiful designs of Danze faucets that would surely make your upgrade more bold and fabulous. Danze faucets comes with different designs or style so as to make sure that every households desired upgrade will be bring into reality. By the way, go to to see different selections of Danze faucets available right now and if you happen to fall in love with one or couple of them the information on how to order is also available. Happy shopping!!!