Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Tornado Siren in the Silence of the Night

After a year and 9 months of being here in the US, I finally hear a tornado siren tonight. This happened just few minutes ago. There wasn't only one tornado siren that went off but around 4. The siren in our city didn't go off but our 3-4 neighboring cities did that is why we hear it so clearly. Hubby and I called Mom who lives 5 minutes away from us. I also called Ate Fe, a very good friend of ours to check if they are okay since their city tornado siren was one of those that went off. I was happy to hear they are all okay. I also called the hotel where I work to check with the front desk staffs how is everything going. I also told them to make sure they print a downtime report to make sure they have the updated reports ready in case situation gets worst. Fortunately, we only hear the tornado siren for less than 10 minutes because the tornado warning was lifted so quick due to the fast movement of the severe thunderstorm.

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