Friday, January 23, 2009

On My 25th Year...

I just turned 25! Yes, another year has been added to my age! Of course, I am thankful to our Lord for giving me another year. On the other hand, it is a bit weird because I start to kind of feel scary now. I know it is unlikely to feel this way but when I think that I am only 5 years away from turning 30 that scares me. My beloved hubby and family never failed to assure me that everything will be fine but somehow some things made me think twice. I am always a fighter; a strong woman but sometimes there are just things that would shake you in one way or another. The funny thing is I am scared for NO REASON AT ALL!

Anyway, I received a digital camera from hubby around 12:02AM on my birthday. It was a surprised that is why he gave it to me at midnight. You might be wondering why he picked this among the other stuff. Well, lately he noticed that I have not been taking a lot of pictures. He asked me why and I told him that my digital camera downloads so slowly and one time it didn't download and I have to wait for an hour to figure out what happened. Finally, I told him that it would be nicer if I have a digital camera with a bigger screen that what I currently have. You see, that conversation worked since hubby gave me a new digital cam. Oh, I also receive a very nice card from him that after reading it, it made me cry... It was so sweet of him! As always, he never fails to surprise me and make me cry with tears of joy!

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Life's Endless Possibilities said...

Hi Marie,

Belated Happy Birthday to you. I hope that you had a great one! and may you have many more glorious and blessed birthdays to come.