Saturday, January 3, 2009

New-Found Asian Markets

I was so amazed to discover that there are 2 big Asian markets that are very close to where I live. Both are located in our neighboring city, Carrollton. Super H Mart was found by hubby and I when I did my road test for my driver's license in Carrollton DPS. The second one, Carrollton Plaza Supermarket, was introduced to me by my friend Loyna (a fellow blogger). She called me today and asked me if I want to go with her to the Asian market.Since, I want to know where it is located and at the same time I want to buy some stuff like fish, bokchoy, noodles and some Philippine vegetables; I decided to go with her. She dropped by and picked me up, since our place is on the way to the Asian market.

Oh, boy! Both Asian markets are huge and very clean but I like the Carrollton Plaza Supermarket better since they have fishes that are liken to what we have in the Philippines! Moreover, Carrollton Plaza Supermarket also carries wide variety of Asian and of course Filipino food! You can barely smell the typically "Asian market smell" when you are inside the store except when you head towards the fish section. Well, the smell is barely noticeable even there.

The best thing is, they are selling their product at a very reasonable price especially the vegetables and seafood. Since, Carrollton Plaza Market is only 10mins drive away from us (with good traffic), I might as well do my grocery shopping there for vegetables, meat and fishes.

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Anonymous said...

Hi MJ, I was just googling reviews for Carrollton Plaza and stumbled upon your page. Thanks for the great review! Glad you like the market, and hope you keep coming back! Make sure you pass on the good word!