Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Undelivered Santa Package

Christmas has passed already but since I wasn't able to mail my package for my family back home before Christmas so I still have my family's gifts with me. LOL. Since, the box isn't full yet before the cut-off time for Christmas delivery so I decided to just hold on to it and mail it this month. The box contain just anything that I think my family especially my parents would love to have. I bought them shoes, clothes, purses, wallets, soaps, chocolates and many more. I am also thinking to give Mama and Papa Luminox watches. I know it's pricey so I may buy those and bring it with me during my visit since I almost over with my budget for this package. LOL. They didn't know I will do it so if I will push through my plan of buying them then it will be a big suprise for them. Oh well, I always love to surprise my parents. I just love them so much.

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Honestly Fresh said...

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