Saturday, January 24, 2009

Beautiful Moroccan Lanterns

At noon, while starring our bedroom ceiling, hubby and I had come up to a conclusion that we want to put something that would give our bedroom another ambience. At first, I was thinking of changing the color of the curtain, wall pictures and the comforter. Then I realized that we just buy them a couple of months ago.

Hubby then got a brilliant idea which I really like. His idea is to put a lantern in the corner of our room. He said he used to have one before and it really looks good during night and it also adds another ambience to the room. Since both of us don’t have an idea on how much they cost, we search online and Moroccan lanterns are one of the lanterns that we like to have. Oh, we love the designs and the color scheme that are used. Some Moroccan lanterns are big that you can use it as a chandelier if you want to. If you want to change the ambience of your place by changing your customary chandelier then I would suggest taking a look at the Moroccan lanterns. I am pretty sure you would love them just like we do.

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