Wednesday, January 28, 2009

On Personal Note

I am off again these coming weekend. Can you believe it? I barely can. Okay, let me tell you why.

I worked in a hotel. Hotel operations doesn't stop even if everyone is sleeping or even if there is ice storm, hurricane, etc. This is one of the businesses that functions round the clock; 24/7 so to speak. In fact, last night, North Texas was hit by a bad ice storm but the hotel doesn't stop its operations because of the bad weather. The mall across the street, the nearby restaurants and shops closed very early but we aren't. However, hotel offers free room for the employees who are working today. It wasn't my plan to stay there but since I might need to cover the AM shift if the AM FD agent will not show up so I decided to just got a room there.

Anyway, since we hired new people, I already find a scapegoat to get a weekend off. I am not going to tell how and why but it is through legal means. LOL. So, I will be enjoying my weekend again with hubby. Hopefully, we are going to have a warm weekend so we will not just stay inside the house.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

On TV Stand Search

Since hubby wants to buy a bigger HDTV for our living room, I also realize that we need a new TV stand. Our current TV stand is smaller and the color doesn't really match with our new color motiff for our living room. I am looking for something that is open; something that is only above knee high. Our current TV stand is cabinet style and the place where TV is placed is really way smaller than the HDTV that hubby plans to buy. We are already very excited since bigger TV is good for karaoke. Do you agree?

A Night to Remember

I am off for the next 3 days. I am just so happy because I will get a chance to spend more time with hubby on the weekends. In fact, tonight we had a movie marathon. We never do this for a long time that is why it feels so good to get a chance to do it again. We watched two movies tonight: action (Righteous Kill) and drama (The Family That Preys).
Hubby and I are always a fan of Tyler Perry's movies. We already watched a couple of his work like "Why I Get Married" and "Meet the Browns". Tonight, we watched another Tyler Perry's movie, " The Family That Preys". As usual, we love the movie. You will get a very good lesson from it. Some of the very important lessons are: (a) family first; (b) don't take for granted the people who loves you; (c) be faithful and trusting especially to your wife/husband/partner; (d) dream but make sure you will achieve your dream in a fair and modest way; (e) don't let anyone belittle you; and (f) never give up on something that you are entitled to own.
Indeed, our Saturday night was a blast. Aside from our movie marathon, hubby also made our favorite grilled steak. Its indeed a night to remember.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Beautiful Moroccan Lanterns

At noon, while starring our bedroom ceiling, hubby and I had come up to a conclusion that we want to put something that would give our bedroom another ambience. At first, I was thinking of changing the color of the curtain, wall pictures and the comforter. Then I realized that we just buy them a couple of months ago.

Hubby then got a brilliant idea which I really like. His idea is to put a lantern in the corner of our room. He said he used to have one before and it really looks good during night and it also adds another ambience to the room. Since both of us don’t have an idea on how much they cost, we search online and Moroccan lanterns are one of the lanterns that we like to have. Oh, we love the designs and the color scheme that are used. Some Moroccan lanterns are big that you can use it as a chandelier if you want to. If you want to change the ambience of your place by changing your customary chandelier then I would suggest taking a look at the Moroccan lanterns. I am pretty sure you would love them just like we do.

He Gives Me the Reason to take Thousands Pictures

Aside from the digital camera that hubby gave me on my birthday; he also bought a compact flash to give me the opportunity to take more pictures. With the 5 GB compact flash that he bought, I can now take up to 2 780 pictures without deleting a single photo. This is really great especially if you are on trip and you don't have access to your laptop. He said that this digital camera and the compact flash will make you now go crazy with your picture taking. LOL. How did he know that will be my plan? Probably, I just show him so much how camera addict I am and him being very observant. Anyway, it will be fun again! I can now take thousands of pictures!

Weather Check

After two days of being in the 80's and 70'sF, we are down again to a freezing temperature. The wind actually adds up to the coldness that we are experiencing here in the DFW metroplex. I really hate the frequently changing temperature here in Texas. I mean at one point you are already used to the cold and then all of a sudden it will get warm again and back to cold.

One time, out of curiosity, my Mama asked me if the people here or I is not getting sick often due to the abruptly changing temperature. Fortunately, neither hubby nor I do get sick because of the weather. He just have cough lately and that is pretty it.

When the weekend was approaching I was actually hoping that the warm temperature will remain so that hubby and I can spend some of our weekend time outside. I was planning to go to Dallas arboretum but since it is freezing cold today we postponed it. Too bad but somehow it is good because we got the chance to extend our Saturday nap longer.

Get Protected On the Road

It's more than a month now since I got my DL and start driving. After my car insurance was running for 5 months while the car was just setting in the parking area, I finally use it. Personally, I believe that having car insurance is worth it. You will never know what will happen to you or with your car while you are on the road or even when it is just parked. Having car insurance will help you save hundreds if not thousands of money in case accidents of whatever form happens.

In Texas, having no insurance means that your car will be towed if you are caught by police officers on the road. Ouch! That would be a big trouble. This is one of the Texas laws which I am very favorable of. If you can't afford to get comprehensive car insurance, you can just get a liability insurance which the government is mandated. Shop around to check who offers good coverage for less. If you don't have time, search in the internet for any online companies that offers great car insurance.

We Love to Grill, Do You?

Hubby and I love to grill. Beef Steak is our favorite grilled food. In fact, we always set a day during the week to make grill steak. Oh boy, I am obviously addicted to it.

However, we seldom go out to eat steak. I can only count in my fingers the time that we go to restaurant for steak. Aside from the fact that we can definitely save by minimizing dining out, by cooking our own food we can also be sure that the food we are eating is prepared through healthy cooking procedure. Plus, hubby cooks a very yummy steak. Yes, that is true. This is not to brag but if you will try his steak you can’t even tell that it is not made by a professional chef. LOL

Friday, January 23, 2009

Get the Justice You Deserve!

You can’t go to work because you have been injured. With our economy right now, it is really a big pain if you can't go to work. If you think someone should be liable of the personal injury that happened to you, then don't have second thought to seek justice and compensation that you deserve. For people who are living across Kentucky, there is Lexington personal injury lawyer who can help you collect compensation for your bills, medical expenses, pain and suffering and lost wages from work. Visit Frank Jenkins Law Office or their website to know if you have a case and first consultation is FREE. They will help you get the justice you deserve!

On My 25th Year...

I just turned 25! Yes, another year has been added to my age! Of course, I am thankful to our Lord for giving me another year. On the other hand, it is a bit weird because I start to kind of feel scary now. I know it is unlikely to feel this way but when I think that I am only 5 years away from turning 30 that scares me. My beloved hubby and family never failed to assure me that everything will be fine but somehow some things made me think twice. I am always a fighter; a strong woman but sometimes there are just things that would shake you in one way or another. The funny thing is I am scared for NO REASON AT ALL!

Anyway, I received a digital camera from hubby around 12:02AM on my birthday. It was a surprised that is why he gave it to me at midnight. You might be wondering why he picked this among the other stuff. Well, lately he noticed that I have not been taking a lot of pictures. He asked me why and I told him that my digital camera downloads so slowly and one time it didn't download and I have to wait for an hour to figure out what happened. Finally, I told him that it would be nicer if I have a digital camera with a bigger screen that what I currently have. You see, that conversation worked since hubby gave me a new digital cam. Oh, I also receive a very nice card from him that after reading it, it made me cry... It was so sweet of him! As always, he never fails to surprise me and make me cry with tears of joy!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Undelivered Santa Package

Christmas has passed already but since I wasn't able to mail my package for my family back home before Christmas so I still have my family's gifts with me. LOL. Since, the box isn't full yet before the cut-off time for Christmas delivery so I decided to just hold on to it and mail it this month. The box contain just anything that I think my family especially my parents would love to have. I bought them shoes, clothes, purses, wallets, soaps, chocolates and many more. I am also thinking to give Mama and Papa Luminox watches. I know it's pricey so I may buy those and bring it with me during my visit since I almost over with my budget for this package. LOL. They didn't know I will do it so if I will push through my plan of buying them then it will be a big suprise for them. Oh well, I always love to surprise my parents. I just love them so much.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Get Fully-Loaded

Are you done with your inventory? It is the start of the month and start of the year 2009. This is the time to look into your supplies either at home or office and fill in whatever is short or missing. Oh, I just did with the monthly inventory of the office supplies at work and I will do the house next so we are always equipped with whatever we need. It is a big hassle to stop in what you are doing because you need to go to the store to buy something. Oh, that is a big NO, NO especially for hubby. By the way, for your industrial supply needs like ball lock pins, marking tools, clamps, fasteners, etc. , check out or you can also ask your friends and family where they get their supplies.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Road Life

During economic crisis, people just tend to dwell in their jobs even if it requires to be away from their families for some days. A friend of ours who is driving his own truck and has been doing deliveries as a living told us that his job isn't easy since he is usually away from his family for a few days especially if he deliver goods out of state. However, he is still lucky because he can choose what days he can stay home since he owns his truck and he has no boss to report to. When I asked him how he got his CDL license, he said that he undergo CDL training prior to be given the approval to drive trucks. He started working in a trucking company and later on operate his own when he decided to start a family. It was a good move!

New-Found Asian Markets

I was so amazed to discover that there are 2 big Asian markets that are very close to where I live. Both are located in our neighboring city, Carrollton. Super H Mart was found by hubby and I when I did my road test for my driver's license in Carrollton DPS. The second one, Carrollton Plaza Supermarket, was introduced to me by my friend Loyna (a fellow blogger). She called me today and asked me if I want to go with her to the Asian market.Since, I want to know where it is located and at the same time I want to buy some stuff like fish, bokchoy, noodles and some Philippine vegetables; I decided to go with her. She dropped by and picked me up, since our place is on the way to the Asian market.

Oh, boy! Both Asian markets are huge and very clean but I like the Carrollton Plaza Supermarket better since they have fishes that are liken to what we have in the Philippines! Moreover, Carrollton Plaza Supermarket also carries wide variety of Asian and of course Filipino food! You can barely smell the typically "Asian market smell" when you are inside the store except when you head towards the fish section. Well, the smell is barely noticeable even there.

The best thing is, they are selling their product at a very reasonable price especially the vegetables and seafood. Since, Carrollton Plaza Market is only 10mins drive away from us (with good traffic), I might as well do my grocery shopping there for vegetables, meat and fishes.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Safeguard Your Family, Get An Insurance Today!

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