Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Unemployment and Work

Unemployment rate in the US is soaring high after the country economy declined. Thousands of people lost their job which pulls down the housing market and the nationwide and even worldwide economic status of the people. Yes, some companies are still hiring people to take over the essential position of the company; however, the hiring process takes longer most of the time.

Today, job applicant can now go to the internet; apply and submit application online. There are several job posting sites nowadays but if you live in Philadephia and you are looking for a phila jobs then check out Phillyjobs.com. Anyway, good luck on your job hunting!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Technology and Life

With the latest technology, the answers to most of our needs are only a touch or mouse click away. Today, you can shop at your favorite store online, purchase your hotel room and airline ticket for your upcoming vacation in the net, do online banking or shop for your insurance without leaving your home. Everything is now very easy to do. The once complicated and time constraint activity can now be done at home with only few clicks away. Before you have to go from one company to another to shop and do a comparison with your insurance need but now you can get a medical, life or travel insurance quote in the worldwide web. However, the catch maybe is be extra careful in doing stuff online as there are a lot of people with bad intentions lurking in the net.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Educational Advancement

Few of my undergrad classmates in college either pursue their masters related to their undergrad degree or proceed to take up law. Most of them are working while pursuing their masters or law so it isn't easy for them. Honestly, I salute them for having the courage and the determination to advance their studies despite of their busy schedule from work. They work hard to achieve their dreams and goals in life and I won't blame them for doing that. I do the same.

Anyway, my classmates who proceed to law told me that they have to pass an admission test before getting into the program. I think it is similar to LSAT in which law aspiring students need to undergo to get ready. There are books and some institutions that offers LSAT prep at an additional cost. In addition to that, there are already a lot of online programs that students can utilize and Knewton.com/lsat is one of those that offers online LSAT prep program. This is a tough examination and everyone should be ready just like what my former classmates did before taking it.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Just done with my 20-minute Pilates exercise and men it was tiring. My muscles have been stretched out again tonight after several days that I stop doing my 20-minute Pilates exercise. I stopped doing this because I have been focusing on doing another routine of daily exercise. But tonight, I decided to do the Pilates again.

I remember, it was a year ago when I have to completely stop doing this type of exercise because my back was sore. We planned to go to Panama City Florida at that time and I don't want my sore back to be the reason to be uncomfortable during the trip. So, I ended up doing another routine of exercise just like we decided to change route to Las Vegas instead of Florida for our vacation. What a mess!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Your Phone and Your Safety

I am one of those drivers who would as much as possible avoid using their phone while driving on the road. If I have to take a call, it will be a brief one just telling the caller that I am driving and will return the call in my earliest convenient time. There are several instances that I missed hubby's important calls so he suggested that we will buy a bluetooth headset for me. He said that it will be easier for me to attend to my calls when I don't have to worry about holding my phone in one hand while driving with the other hand. I am too convinced yet if I have to wear one because I still believe that using your phone in whatever way is still a way to divert your attention from the wheels.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Your Weight and the Holiday Food

A lot of people has problem sticking to their diet or limiting their food intake during holiday months. I won't blame them! With all the food available in the table sometimes you are really tempted to eat more and more and more even if your body doesn't need it anymore. Oh, I am not an exemption to that! I did it last year but this year I think I am so good in sticking to my diet.

By the way, the question is how can you keep yourself from gaining weight during this time? There are a lot of things you can do. You can increase your workout or gym time, you can eat just a portion of each food on the table, exercise too often or some will tend to use diet pills. One of my friends was talking about alli diet pill and told me to visit allireviews.com for more details.

I know, keeping yourself from gaining weight is easy said than done but just try your best...

Friday, November 27, 2009

Lost But Now Found

The header picture of my blogs have been gone for a couple of weeks. At first, I thought there was a problem with the site that is why the pictures were not launched properly. I somehow thought that it might be due to my pop-up blocker or blocked cookies set forth in my blogs.

I have checked my computer's internet options; changed the settings and still my header pictures are still gone. All I can see at the top of my blogs is a short note that says: M*** (pertains to my username) photobucket account has been deactivated for 90 days, please visit photobucket.com to activate it again.

Just tonight I realize that the disappearance of my blogs' header pictures has something to do with my Photobucket account's deactivation.

So, I went to Photobucket.com and tried to log in to my account. After several attempts of failed log in, I almost decided to quit. Then, I remember another log in information. I entered it and this time it works! I was able to log in and my Photobucket account was activated.

I went back to check my blogs and guess what???? The header pictures are back!!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Enter Men's World

A colleague of mine just bought a new truck. It is a great pre-owned truck with only 8K miles on it. He got a very good deal making him save money to buy truck accessories that he need. Well, I really don’t think he needs to accessories his truck because it has everything already but you know guys, sometimes they think they need to buy something for their car or truck even if they really don’t need it just for the heck of it. Ooopppssss, I don’t mean to be rude but I only say this base on experience. No, I don’t want to name names!!! LOL

On a serious note, I am happy that hubby is not too vain with his car. However, he has also his few moments. For instance, I just know that he bought something for his car because I see a charge in his card. I think it is already in their system. Am I right ladies? LOL

Don't Take Their Future for Granted!

I can't stress enough how important it is to have a life insurance. This is a great help for your family and loved ones in case something will happen to you. It gives your loved one the security and assurance that they have the means to continue their lives if times need it.

Have you seen or heard how many families are struggling to live their life when the bread winner is gone? Of course you do! That is a very scary situation and I don't want my family to go through that. I want them to be safe and not to worry about their future that is why I make sure I get them covered.

Therefore, if you don't have one yet then this is the best time to do something about it. Call your insurance agent today and get a life insurance quote for free!

Holiday Is Here!!!

As early as today, hubby and I have already received a couple of Christmas party invitations. Geezz! It can't be stopped! Party time is around the corner once again! It is the time of the year when everyone has so much fun giving and receiving precious token. This is one of the most exciting times of the year for kids.

Well, with our present economy, I don't expect a lavish or luxurious gift from my loved ones. Financially, this is a tight year. However, I hope this will not stop everyone from making the upcoming Holiday memorable and fun! Just remember, what will count is not how much you spend in buying a gift but the thought of it!

It is a Win No Matter What!

OMG!! I just can't believe it!!! Few minutes on the 4th quarter and Cowboys made the much awaited touchdown of the game! Thanks to Patrick Crayton for catching Romo's throw at the end zone!!!

Although, this game is not a high scoring game as what everyone initially hope for but who cares as long as they got the big W.

Now, they will hit the road to face Oakland with a 7-3 leading the NFC East.

Cowboys on Redskins

Just like last Sunday's game with Packers, my right now my heart is pounding hard again with the anticipation that Cowboys should at least make their first touchdown of the game if not a field goal. The game is already in the 4th quarter now and Cowboys is still scoreless. Will Cowboys score in this game? That I am not sure of at this time. Trust me, I love the boys but with what they have been showing today and last Sunday's game, I am not sure if there is really hope for them to get the wild card. Here, still hoping that they are going to turn around the game, after all, Redskins has only scored 2 field goals so far so a touchdown from the boys should be great.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Want Not a Necessity

Buying a digital camera is the least I want to do. I have one which is less than a year old. I love it and it takes a good picture that is why I really didn't think of buying a new one. I would have opted to buy a new plasma or LCD flat screen TV. It would be perfect in watching football games and movie marathon.

Oh, I was in a store today and I found out that digital cameras are one of the much electronic stuff that are on sale for the upcoming Black Friday. The digital camera that I am dying to have is on 45% off. I hate to let this opportunity passed; however, I know that I will hate myself even more for buying it when I really don't need it.

If you plan to buy a digital camera, so now is the time to buy it!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This Maybe the Help You Need

With the crisis that we are facing right, getting sick and not able to work is very scary especially if you don't have sick leave or any priviledge from your company to cover up you and your family during your absence at work. Depending on your situation, you may be able to avail a social security disability help from the SSA office. Have you checked if you are eligible for a financial help? Ah, maybe you think that your situation is not covered with social security disability. Well, before you think further why not visit allsup.com and know when you can avail social security disability.

Monday, November 16, 2009

"Pasalubong" or Present Search

If there is no unforeseen circumstances, hubby and I plan to visit Pinas next year. Right now, I already start looking around for a possible "pasalubong" or present I can give to my beloved parents. When I talked to Mama the last time, she said if it is okay with my budget she wants to have a necklace. I asked her if she preferred yellow or white gold and she said yellow gold. So, I looked around in jewelry stores and online stores. I found yellow gold with a diamond initial pendant. It was undoubtedly gorgeous; however, it was also very expensive. It was well above my budget so I just decided to continue with my search. I am sure there are a lot more out there that will fit my budget.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bright or Dim?

Your house or office light fixture is very important. It could either make your place or "destroy" the ambience that you want to come up. In our house, we are using both white and yellow lights depending on the room's concept.

For hubby and I, buying the right light fixture is a big decision because we have our own preferences and style. I know most couples are like us in this aspect. Like us, I hope that LightShowplace.com can help you in deciding which lightning fixture best suit your taste and budget. To have the first hand information about Light Showplace lightning fixtures and discounts, please visit their website.

Only In Austin

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a bioidentical hormone that is produced during pregnancy by the fetus. It protects the ovaries and maintains progesterone level which aid immune tolerance during pregnancy. But what everyone doesn't know is HCG is very effective for weight loss which is mainly used by celebrities to loose weight quickly. If you are wondering where HCG is available, you have to contact Austin Wellness Clinic. You can visit their website to know more about hcg shots austin. For the record, Austin Wellness Center is the first clinic to offer HCG weight loss injections in the area.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

An Orlando Invitation

My close friend who is base in Orlando, Florida is trying to convince me to attend her birthday party in January. She said that my Orlando vacations will be one of the most money worth it vacation I will ever have because aside from our reunion I will be able to step unto the ocean again. Well, I have to admit that I miss seeing the ocean for 3 years now. Since we are also saving for our Philippines vacation next year, I might say no to my friend’s invitation. Well, there is always another time and after our Philippine vacation hubby and I will be able to drive down there. So, just hold on my friend!!!

Weight Loss Products

More and more weight loss products are appearing in the market today. Does this confuse you as to which product to use? I bet it does. However, worry no more, weightlossproduct.net can help you in searching which weight loss product is the best for you. Visit their website and enrich yourself with all the weight loss products information available in their page. It may still be a long search until you will find their product that will suit you but at least you know that with the help of weightlossproduct.net, you won't get off the track again. Goodluck!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Work Safe

Working with utmost care is very important to keep yourself safe from possible hazards in your workplace. If you are working in the construction industry, wearing a hat on the "hard hat" area is a must to protect yourself especially your head from falling debris. Also, wearing face mask, gloves or safety glasses while working at a chemical laboratory is advisable. There are more and more industrial safety supplies that are available in the market depending on your field of work. You'll see more choices of different industrial safety supplies at tasco-safety.com. Safeguard yourself, after all, everyone agrees that prevention is better than cure.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Get Your Insurance Quote Today!

More than anything else, today is the best time to get yourself and your family secured for any unexpected circumstances the future may bring. Buying an insurance for your family is what I am talking about. Nowadays, it is not very difficult to get an insurance quote; all you have to do is go online to the insurance companies website or give them a hola over the phone. There are a lot of companies that offer insurance plans that offer customization to meet yours and your family's needs and budget. So, don't wait no more, get one today!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

It is Trick or Treat Time!

Halloween is around the corner. I bet everyone is very busy now buying candies for trick or threat and customes for the upcoming Halloween parties. Our little one has been talking about the customes he wants to wear for that night while hubby and I are still not able to come up with a decision on what to wear. A friend suggested that breeches might be good for him and women custome that belongs to the era is what I will get. I talked to hubby about it but he is not so much convince yet since he said he doesn't want to show off his growing tummy. LOL. I can't blame him because it is too late to trim it down before Halloween.
How about y'all here? What do you want to be for your upcoming Halloween party?

Ladies Talk

Last night, everyone was talking about their plans on lossing weight to look great for the coming holidays. Everyone shared on how they control their diet, doing extreme workouts and even their plans to take diet pills or undergo cosmetic surgery. Sounds like a normal ladies talk, huh? Anyway, someon shared a story of her friend's drastic weight loss. Infact, in a matter of 3 months, her friend lost 30 lbs using a diet pill, doing exercise and strict diet. So, somehow some ladies think that they are also going to use diet pills but there are concern on the effect of the pills in their health. Well, we all know that some pills can both bring advantages or disadvantages to our body. It is best to take to the doctor first prior to taking one. With so much diet pills available in the market right now claiming they are the best, it is very much difficult to justify which is really the best diet pills among them. Seeking professional help in determing which diet pills is best for you is always advisable.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Weight Watcher!

Loosing weight is easy said than done. When we realize that we have gained weight, we often put ourselves on a strict diet, extreme exercise routine and some will even take diet pills or undergo cosmetic surgery. Worst, people will not eat and starve themselves thinking it is the fastest and the easy way to loose pounds. But, we all know that is wrong. Day by day, a lot of people get frustrated and depressed because no matter what they do they are never successful shedding some pounds. It is hard; I know. I have been there and done that. It needs discipline and dedication as to doing exercise everyday and eating a balance diet. But how to burn fat faster and easier? I am sure people will have different answer to this. However, visit fatburner.net, maybe the information that is available is the answer to your long quest in lossing weight.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Tour to a Paradise

If hubby and I don't plan to visit PI next year, we would have been in one of the beautiful beaches in Mexico enjoying and relaxing this summer. Cancun is undeniably beautiful paradise but in my opinion it is one of the most crowded and commercialized vacation destination in Mexico that is why I would rather prefer to spend my vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Playa Del Carmen and other less crowded beaches in Mexico. For instance, Puerto Vallarta beach and non-beach front hotels are giving huge discount right now. Who would not love a 50% discount in a Puerto Vallarta hotel? I bet everyone would love to hear this. Beautiful beaches, great food and fabulous amusement/recreation places, your vacation will be a very unforgettable one and something that you would love to do all over again.

Formal or Cocktail Dresses?

Hubby and I will be attending a formal event on the 24th of this month; however, until now we are not able to agree on what clothes we are going to wear. I was thinking of buying a cocktail dress for the party and a matching long sleeve and a tie for hubby. On the other hand, I was also thinking of buying a formal dress and perhaps tuxedos for hubby will be fitting for the occasion. I just talked to my friends tonight and most of them has confirmed with me that they will be wearing a formal dress. I really would love to wear a cocktail dress to the party but if all of my friends will wear a formal dress, I might as well wear one. I know I only have a couple of days left until the scheduled event so I need to hurry up with my decision. Comes weekend, I will have to buy the dress that I have to wear to the party. I will have an update here by then...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Travel Light or Over Loaded?

Two days ago, hubby left for Chicago for their yearly managers' conference. When I saw him packing his stuff the night before he left, I feel sad. I am not used now for him to be away for couple of days for business trips unlike when we just get married. He is seldom on the road now for business.
Anyway, hubby tried to use his smaller Samsonite luggage for this trip; he is the type of person who always wants to travel as light as possible. However, some of his stuff won't fit so he was forced to use the bigger luggage. Yesterday, he called me and he said he bought a bigger Samsonite luggage that we can use for our trip to the Philippines next year. He said it was on sale and the discount was really big. When I heard he buy another big luggage, I was afraid that it will be too big than what I want. However, he assured me that it doesn't look very big and it has a lot of compartments so he thought it is even better than the one we currently have. Well, somehow it makes sense...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Piece by Piece

My beloved mom-in-law visited us today. She had noticed that the 2 pictures hang in our dinning area is still on the same position as it was the last time she came over. She asked me if I have talked to hubby as to hanging the pictures at an angle. I told her not yet. So, she and hubby did it today and as always it looks great. It is one of our wall decors which stand out once you enter the room. Aside from the wall decor, we have been also talking about getting a new area rug for one of our rooms in the house. We don't know yet if we are going to get just a solid color bright or neutral color rug or a combination of different bright colors. After the security system has been installed, getting an area rug and 2-inch blinds are our next stop. OMG! We still have long way to go till we will fully furnished our love-nest but we just want to take things slowly since we want to pay cash with everything that we will buy for the house...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

What's In Today in Kitchen Renovation?

Nowadays, having granite is one of the most popular pick for kitchen countertops. The cost is somehow one of the drawbacks in using it in many kitchen renovations. However, if you use a granite tile for you kitchen countertops and backsplash instead of a slab then it will cost you less and it is easier to install especially if you are doing the project yourself. I guess, we are lucky since it is included as one of the upgrades of the house that we bought. The builder uses another type of tile as our backsplash which blends with our kitchen and breakfast floor. Honestly, I don't know though if I would like it if the builder opted to use a granite tile backsplash instead. Go online or check your nearby home improvement stores for more details about it.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Barcode Scanner Hunt

I received a phone call from my close friend today. She wants to know if either me or hubby knows where she can buy a barcode scanner. She said that they are going to impose a new procedure in their customer service department and being the manager she is on task by the corporate office to look for a good deal. Hubby said that he had helped his previous company to buy one but the person who gave him the good deal isn't working already with the company where he bought the barcode scanner before. However, hubby referred to check POS Systems by POSGuys.com. I called my friend and gave her the website. I hope it helps here.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Safeguard Your Health

Today is the fourth day in a row that I am not working. I was sick since Monday. I have cough and fever and I absolutely don't feel well so I called my supervisor informing her that I can't come to work. I thought I will be okay the following day but I was wrong. Yesterday, I went to see my doctor and thanks God she confirmed to me that it was just a normal flu not the scary H1N1 virus and she said that base on the signs I am already on my way to full recovery. She advised me to drink a lot of fluids, have some rest, take Tylenol every 4 hours if I still have my fever and she prescribed a medicine for my cough. However, she told me that I have to wait tomorrow, Friday, to go back to work to give my body ample time to relax and get well. However, I was warned by her that if I will have a body temperature of above 100F, I should not go back to work coz that means I still have a slight fever. She explains to me that it is just for precautionary measure. Anyway, I am now excited to go back to work tomorrow. However, since our office are only open on weekdays, so tomorrow will be my first and last day at work for this week... LOL

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Family Adventure

It was a short talk and a quick visit but my dear friend and I got the chance to talk about their upcoming family vacation to Florida. Her little ones have been bugging her to go to Disney so they decided to go to Florida for this year. For their stay there, there's no problem since she was able to get an incredible Disneyland packages online. According to her, the Disneyland package that they got will surely make their kids enjoy Disney the most. Everyone is so happy and excited about the trip. Who will not be? Tell me...

Healthy Conversation

Today, one of our topics at work during our lunch break is dieting. Everyone shares their ways on how they avoid gaining or how they loose weight in the last couple of months. Everyone admits that losing weight is very difficult. If you aren't determined and disciplined to do it, you won't go nowhere. We had talked whether starvation, diet pills, cosmetic surgery can really help one loose weight. Some say yes, some say no and the rest say maybe... Our conversation went on and on but at the end everyone agreed that eating healthy food at the right amount and time and exercise is the best way in achieving the best shape that you can ever be. Do you agree?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Us and Our Little One

Two days after the start of this school year, hubby went out town for a business trip so I was left alone with our little man. While hubby is gone, I was the one who dropped him off at school in the morning and picked him up from his babysitter after work and helped him with his school works when we get home. It was tiring but very rewarding and fulfilling.

As part of our emotional support for him, we decided to take him to school every morning even if he can ride the school bus. Since hubby goes to work at 8:00AM, he is the one who drops him off at school. However, if he has to report to work very early or is out of town, we decided that I will have to take over.

When in there school, I was so amazed seeing all the little ones eating breakfast in the cafeteria. Moreover, it is so cute to see their little classroom desks. Oh boy, it reminds me of my elementary years. By the way, our little man is now in first grade. Time goes by so fast, huh...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Know the Trick to Slim Down

I bet you too would like to know what are the best weight loss programs available in the market today. I agree with you, it becomes so confusing because all companies that offers weight loss programs claim that theirs is 100% effective. For instance, some companies advertise that you will lost 10-20 lbs within 2 weeks of use or else they are going to refund your money. Do you believe in this? To stop confusions like this, weightlossprogram.net was launched. Make use of your time wisely by visiting this website and know the ways to slim down effectively. There are tricks involved in those advertised weight programs and you are entitled to know them.

Till Next Summer!

Summer is almost over. Unlike last year, hubby and I never go for a vacation this year. I wish our last year's Vegas escapade will have a repeat but since we just bought a house so we decided to take things slowly. We will just save our bucks for a great vacation to the Philippines next year.

Some of our good friends invited us to go to Branson, Missouri for a short get-away but we politely declined. A Filipina who lives near the Ozark mountain had a birthday party and everyone was invited to come. When they were back they have told us how exciting and memorable their Branson vacations was. They were able to see the beautiful Ozark mountains; they had been to the lakes; drove around the woods and had camped at the outskirt of the mountain. Sure, I was jealous and I have told myself that I won't never miss their future Branson vacations. If my work won't permit to drive there; I will look for a good airline package and fly.

I know I missed a lot this summer. We planned to head south, to Florida this year but after we bought the house our plans changed and decided to postpone it for the summer after next since we are heading to the Philippines next summer.

Get the Ball Rolling...

I thought our move is already over. We have all our stuff in the house and we have been in the house for more 2 months now. However, decorating our house will still be a long process. We just can't decide as to what concept to use. We have so much ideas as to how we want our place to look like and it is a little difficult to integrate all of them. There was one thing though that hubby and I both agree; we want to change our tv stand for the game room. It is too big and kinda do not jive with the modern-contemporary design we are trying to conceptualize. It may not be tomorrow but we are planning to shop for tv stands soon. It is still a long way for us, huh...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I Want that Killer Smile, Don't You?

I had some unfinished dental works from the Philippines so now after 2 years of being here in the US, I decided to continue it. I was looking for local trusted dental clinics in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. A friend have told us to check David Wilhite, a Plano dentist, who is an expert in both general and cosmetic dentistry. His clinic offers an easy financing so amidst the financial crisis we are facing right now, you and your family can still get the smile makeover that they desire. They also accept different credit cards like AMEX, Visa, Mastercard and Discover which is important if you have no enough cash to pay in full. His website offers a lot of valuable information so if you are in need of a dentist check it like I do.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Are You Into Farming?

Who is into farming here? Oh no! I am not talking about a real farm. I mean having a farm at the famous Farm Town offered by Facebook. Like anyone else, I enjoy playing this game. Some people claimed this game is very addictive which I somehow agree. I always check my Farm Town account every time I get off work or anytime I am off.

By the way, as of today, I am now officially playing this game for a month and I am proud to say that I have gone far already. I am now level 27. Thanks to my dear cousin and friends who allows me to harvest and plow their farm whenever their crops are ready; thereby, helping me level up faster.

Speaking of Farm Town, now it is time for me to check my farm before I will head to bed. My peppers maybe harvested tomorrow so if you are interested to harvest them or plow my farm, show up in my farm around 8PM Central Time! See you there!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Men and Women's Similarities

I always thought women are more particular on how to make their stuff look beautiful and well-organized but I am somehow wrong. Yes, it is true that most women love to shop and accessories themselves compared to men but if men get so obsessed with something ,they don't care even if they will have to spend thousands of greens. Oh, most men's toys aren't cheap! For example, most men love to make their cars an eye turner in the road or in places they go. A neighbor of ours who doesn't mind spending hundreds of dollars just to change the tires, turbo, headlights and other truck accessories that in my point of view not necessary.

For me, no matter which angle you are going to look at, men and women are so similar in many ways.... It is just a matter of who knows how to spend their hard earned money wisely!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Pet Beds for Sale!

I am pretty worn out tonight. We had a very busy day at work today because we held a wedding shower party for one of our co-workers who is getting married on October. It was so much fun! Our jeans and shirt Fridays turned out into an amazing business casual day. Everyone dressed up very well and looked fabulous. The 2-hour party was very fun and the couple enjoyed and loved it so much.

When work was done at 3PM. I headed to accompany my friend to the store. We went to a pet store and looked for some toys, food and some stuff for her lovely dog. We were about to leave when she saw a row of gorgeous pet beds and guess what, she wants one and end up buying one for her beautiful dog. Oh, I can't wait till I will receive the pics tomorrow...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Life Insurance Lead

Yesterday, I got a call from an unknown number. I answered the call only to find out it was from an insurance agent. He was talking about life insurance lead and he tried to convey me to get one. I told him we already have one but he kept insisting. So for him to stop the talking I told him that if ever I need one in the future, I would prefer to go online and do my own research. As for me, I would prefer to do my research in the Web because I am sure that I will get more information and can go a deeper search.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Beach Get-Away!

Summer is almost done but it is not yet late for a short get-away! I, myself need a vacation. Yes, there are a lot of places to go for vacation and the beach is one of the best places to go while it is still hot. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is one of the places that I wish to spend my summer vacation. Aside from its beautiful beach which makes the place a virtual paradise; there are also a lot of things that you and your family can do like amusement parks, unique shopping complexes, entertainment theaters and many more. If you need place to stay while you are there, Myrtle beach vacation rentals is there as your home away from home. For your next vacation, consider Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and see the wonders that you will forever loved.

Get Drunk or Stay Sober?

There are a lot of reason why excessive alcohol drinking is not good. Among the disadvantages are as follows:
(a) you have the big chance to get charge with DUI/DWI or cause accident on the road;
(b) health hazards;
and (c)there are a lot of unavoidable circumstances that a person does because his body and mind is already govern by alcohol.

Say for instance, a 30 year old guy from Bedford, Texas shoot a lady dude when he found out that the person who he thought is a woman the whole time they are together is a dude. This 30-year-old guy brought home the lady dude from the bar that he went that night. He claims that he wasn't able to determine the gender of the person he is with since he was so drunk. This incident sounds funny but it could have been avoided if that 30-year-old guy was in his sound mind and judgement. Now, he is prison due to a case filed against him resulting from the shooting.

The above is just a concrete example of why excessive alcohol drinking is not favorable at all.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Union of Hearts

My husband and I will be attending a wedding on October. I asked him what outfit he would like to wear but he isn't sure yet so I suggested him to wear a tuxedo. He was laughing at first because he thought that a tuxedo will be too formal for the occasion. I thought it is not.

So now, I am left with the assignment to know where the reception will be held so hubby can determine as to how formal our clothes can be for that occasion. I can't help it but to get very excited for the couple. I am going to witness again a union of two hearts.

Since I was young, I always love going to weddings. I don't care if I am choosen as one of the bridemaids or flower girls; all I want is to be there. Oh, I love seeing the extreme happiness and the overflowing love in the eyes of the bride and groom and the witnesses.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Modern Touch of Kohler

We were thinking of changing our faucets in the bathroom. Hubby was looking into getting Kohler faucets due to its great design and elegance. It is very sophisticated to look at aside from the good quality. Being in the market for so long, Kohler has already proven its worth and its leadership in bathroom and kitchen design in the marketplace. Using one of the Kohler faucets in your house will surely give your place the modern touch and the elegance that only Kohler faucets can give. Visit faucet.com and see the latest innovative designs of Kohler faucets.


I have no perfect teeth just like I have no perfect vision right now. Before I left the Philippines, I already had some dental works done. I thought it was expensive to do it there but when I arrived here in the US, I realize it costs more here especially if you have no insurance. You can barely get dental discounts except on special time of the year. However, there is a website that can help you get dental and medical discounts. Visit usafact.org for more details. This will surely help you save greens.

My Weekend

I was so busy at work and with the kids this week plus last night I held a small gathering for our family and closes friends for my step son's 7th birthday and that worn me out. I was looking forward to the weekend to relax and to sleep. Oh, yeah I need more sleep and more sleep and guess what I literally sleep the whole day today. My friends called me around 830PM to ask if I am coming to the swimming party in one of our friends house. I know you know already what my answer is.... (grin)... NO. I really want to go but my body is so tired. Hubby was the one who cooked our dinner tonight. Now, I am back in our room lying down and watching TV while typing here. I really had a very relaxing day and I was able to get good sleep.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Shop Wisely

I was bored in the house last Friday so I went to the nearby stores and browsed around what they have. I had no specific items to look for, I just want to know what deals they have and what are the items that are on sale. Most of the stores has their own discounts offer for their customers. The discount varies from 10% to 50% off. Sales like this is very significant especially in our economy right now since this will surely help the people save their greens. Clothes, school supplies and even beaty supplies like soap, facial wash, acne wash, facial cream, lipgloss, make up kit and many more were also marked down. Since I am already out with my lipgloss and other facial stuff so I end up buying some. It was ended a great saving and I always love to know I shop and spend my hard earned dollars wisely....

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Enjoying Our New-Found Comfort

This is our second week in our new house and we are loving it. Oh, it feels so great to have a privacy away from the prying eyes and ears. We love our new neighbors. So far, everyone we met is very friendly and very reassuring; qualities that would really make you feel at home. During our moving, our next door neighbor even approached us and offer help but since we were only down to moving the small stuff so we politely declining his offer.

Hubby and I were very busy unpacking our stuff. We started unpacking and arranging stuff for the first level then we will go upstairs. Well, there is not much really to unpack upstairs except for the kids clothes. Looking at the emptiness of the house right now; I know that I need to buy more stuff to make it look full. However, hubby and I decided to slow down. We want to buy everything in cash as much as possible. Don't want to add any amount due per month to our mortgage.

Anyway, just giving every a heads up on what's going on with me and my family these days. I will give more updates as we move along...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Get Your Family Covered!

Sudden death in the family is so devastating. It is the lowest point in everyone's life. In most cases' it also leads to a huge financial down turn especially if the family left behind is not secured financially. The beareved family suffers so much pain from lossing their loved one and will also endure the pain of lossing their properties because it is not insured. That is why it is always recommended to get a mortgage life insurance so that properties and everyone left behind is covered in emergencies like this. We are covered. how about you?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Acne Remedy

I hate to see pimple in my face, how much more if I have an acne? I will probably panic and becomes very conscious about my face. I am sure I will feel embarassed for no reason; who isn't?

Fortunately, I don't have to worry about acne since I never have one. Also, I barely have a pimple. I am a lucky girl, huh! But for people who are prone to acne/pimple, you may want to check out AcneCuresRevealed.net. With a lot of acne treatment products available in the market today, sometimes it is confusing to know which product is best for you and your skin. Treatment for acne can be long, frustrating if you do not have a guidance in choosing the product which best suits you. However, please be reminded that it is also best to consult your doctor about as to what acne product you can use if you have one so as to avoid further complication.

Modern-Contemporary Design

Most modern-contemporary kitchen of today has a glass tile as their backsplash. For me, glass tile goes well with dark or black counter tops and stainless steel appliances. One of our friends' kitchen with black counter tops and glass tile is sparkling and so gorgeous especially when all lights are on at night. I was thinking of having a glass tile in our kitchen but we end up having black granite since it is also one of our favorite. We are very happy with our kitchen but I am still looking into the possibility of having a glass tile backsplash in the future. If you thinking of renovating, check out Buytile.com's great tile selection.

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th everyone!

It has been a long 4th day. We have to go to our house and do final touch to get ready for our move this Saturday. However, before the day ends we managed to have a get together with my husband's family. We had a fantastic B-B-Q afternoon with our family which ended in watching a gorgeous fireworks display. Of course, we never forget to commerate the significance of this day. . . July 4th --- Independence Day. . .

We had a fabulous and safe 4th and I hope everyone does the same.

Busy as Bee

After almost 2 months of search, we finally bought a house. It is located north of the DFW airport, so it means we are moving to another city in the DFW metroplex. I was very excited during the start of our search but becomes a little bit apprehensive and stress now that we finally have it. The process was very stressful and the monthly responsibility is so big. The property tax, insurances plus the expected utilities bills are overwhelming. Oh, we also need to buy some furniture and exercise equipment like treadmill, bicycle or weights since we don't have a exercise facility in the neighborhood. With all the things going on, hubby and I decided to just do one thing at a time. I will keep you update what's next we have to do.

Moving Out Ain't a Joke

We started packing our stuff already to get ready for our move next Saturday. I would say we are already 80% done. Our things in the living room and the other room are already in the boxes. However, I need to unwrap one of the boxes last night since I need rubber stamps for one of the important papers we need to provide to our apartment people prior to moving out. It was such a big hassle; opening and sealing the box again after finding the stamps. Goosh, the paperworks from buying our house to moving out from our apartment has give me a headache. I know it isn't easy but I didn't know it will be this difficult and stressful.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Need Another Pair of Shoes

Last night, I realized that since I started working with my new job I never get the chance to buy another pair of work shoes. Well, my current shoes is still okay but since it is one of my favorite shoes I need to buy another one to make sure it will not worn out too fast. So, yesterday I dropped by in the mall and went to the women's shoes section and look for some shoes. Of course, I found one I like and I end up buying it. Now, I will have another pair of shoes for work that I can wear interchangeably with my current one. I am now excited for tomorrow. Yay!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Be Secured

Life is getting tougher these days so it is best to have our family's future secured. Having a life, health and medical insurance is one way of saving our family from spending thousands of money which oftentimes leads to huge debts. Your medical and health insurance helps lower down your expenses when you or a family member is sick or hospitalized. Life insurance on the other hand, will help the family put their lives back in shape after a loss. If you have kids, getting a life insurance is even advisable so that when you are gone you know that your kids are taken cared of. There are a lot of insurance companies which offers free insurance quotes so you don't need a dime to start the process. Life is full of surprises. We never know what is in store for us in the future or how things turn out the next day; having emergency back up plan is always great.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Living Healthy

To maintain your desired weight, a healthy diet should always be coupled with an exercise. In most cases, you will need an outside reinforcement such doing cosmetic surgery or as taking diet pills like nuphedra. Diet pills like nuphedra works good by suppressing your appetite and burning fat.However, before you go further it is always advisable to consult with your doctor to avoid complication. After all, only you and your doctor know which diet program will work best for you.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

How to Achieve that Weight?

Aside from exercise, going through diet programs and using diet pills; eating healthy food is another important factor to be considered. As for my friend, she had quit drinking soda and going to bar or club to drink alcohol and her favorite frozen Daquiri and viola, she really see a big difference in her body! Anyway, according to her eating healthy food coupled with exercise has helped her a lot to trim down. Oh, yeah, it isn't easy to loose weight but the feeling afterwards is very rewarding and overwhelming. I experienced it myself and it was fabulous! It surely feels great!!! How about you, what is your weight loss secret?

Are You on Weight Watch?

In our market today where there are a lot of diet pills available, it is very much difficult to determine which of them are the best diet pills that will work for you perfectly. It is still best to talk to your doctor but if you want to have an immediate knowledge as to what are the best diet pills in the market today, Diet-Pills.Sybervision.com can help you. Learn how these individual diet pill works and how it can help you achieve your desired weight. The reviews available for each featured diet pills is a big help for everyone who bumps there looking for an immediate answer. So, if you get curious what I am talking about, visit Diet-Pills.Sybervision.com today!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

PS3 or PS2?

The last time my brother and I talked he said that my 6 year-old nephew would like to have a PS3. His cousin's father just got home from working abroad and he brought his cousin a PS3; unfortunately, his cousin won't let him play the PS3. Well, since I never gave him anything during his birthday so I decided to buy him one. He is very excited to know about it since he said there are a lot of kids in his school who have have PS3 and now he will finally has one. Prior to agreeing to buy him a PS3 I initially offer him to buy a PS2 but he politely declined and asked me if I could buy him a PS3. His reason is pretty much acceptable. Well, he has a 1 year-old brother who is always around wherever he is.

Brim of Lossing It

It gets frustrating and tiring as days go by with our house search. Oh my, it isn't easy! During our early search, we found some houses that like except that we don't like the kitchen counters or the backyard is too small. Now that we thought we have found the house that is perfect for us, we are again on the brim of lossing it because the seller's realtor is no good to work with. Darn! I hate to think about it. If we will not get this house this means that we have to start all over again! Oh boy! I really hope everything will turn out good... I really do...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Unwind, Dine and Party at Las Vegas

Today is one of the best times of the year to go for vacation. If you don't want to spend thousands of money, you can pick a destination within the country. One of the best places to spend your vacation is Las Vegas. Relax, dine and dance your days and nights with the fantastic restaurants, clubs and hotels that Las Vegas has to offer. Stay in their grand and beautiful hotels like Rio, MGM Grand, Riviera Hotel and Casino, MGM Grand and many more. Oh, don't forget to check the beautiful sceneries in the area like the Lake Mead, Hover Dam and many more. Moreover, to try your luck in one of the great casinos in town! If you don't know where to start with your hotel search, visit i4vegas.com and see huge discounts that hotels offer including Riviera hotel and casino. Why go somewhere else when you get the best deal here?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

We Are On the Hunt....

I can't believe how tedious and time consuming it is to go around to look for a house. It's been a month now since we started doing it and we still can't figured out which of the houses we saw we like to buy. Right now, we try to narrow down our choices by eliminating some of the houses which has 3 or more feautures that we don't approve. We are now down to the final 3 and one of them has really caught by husband's likeness, I should say. He really loves it in all ways. He said it has already a sprinkler system, it has beautiful and well designed kitchen counter tops, backsplash, sinks and faucets and it is built this year and never been lived. He likes everything about it. Don't get me wrong, I like it too but I prefer to have the 2 living rooms downstairs than having them split into the first and the second floors. Oh well, I finally end up backing him up in this one. I told him that it is better that he likes the house so much than I do so that he will make sure to work his ass to pay it... lol... He was just laughing so as with our realtor...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Setting Up the Decors

Hubby and I are doing brainstorming as to how we want to decorate our new house. We are doing this since we want to make sure that our individual ideas are heard and be seen in the decors that we will have in our house. Just like deciding on what house to buy, it is not easy collaborating our ideas because they are just too many. Since we are not able to come up with a general idea that will guide us in decorating our house, we decided to check some magazines. My mom-in-law provided us some of her favorite decorating books. One of the things that amaze me is the use of colorful card boards for displays. Hubby also thinks that using cardboard displays is cool. I guess it is perfect place for wine. We will also check further as to where else we can use this.

It's Summer Once Again!

This my 3rd summer in the US. I thought I am accustomed already to Texas heat but I am wrong. With our temperature on the mid 90s these days I am feeling it so much. I mean, I don't want to stay outside for a long time or else I really need to cold down my body by taking shower or by swimming in the pool. Yes, I came from the tropics but our weather there is dry unlike the very humid summer in Texas. But don't get me wrong, I like summer other than the extreme heat. I like to see the flowers bloom, the green trees and doing all outdoor activities. Hay, now all I have to do is make myself comfortable with the weather in all ways I can think of. Afterall, this is my new home now where I will spend most of my time.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Car Washing

Part of our plan to move to our house soon is cleaning our cars so we can save for carwash fee. We plan to buy a pressure washers if not rent one for the meantime. With the economy right now, every little possibility to save some bucks is a must.

Aside from cleaning our cars, pressure washers is also useful in to remove mold, grime, dust, mud and dirt from surfaces and objects such as buildings, vehicles and concrete road surfaces. There are different kinds of pressure washers out there but a friend of ours has recommended hotsy pressure washers so will look into it soon. Being around since 1970, hotsy pressure washer is trusted brand by many people.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Live Healthy

Although, I am still very keen in watching my weight right now, but I would say I was worst during my college days. Back then, my weight is very much below my height-weight ratio but I still want to loose couple of pounds. Sometimes, I blame myself for being so vain in so many ways but I realized our society's standard of sexy and beautiful is also one of the factors that could trigger people to starve themselves just to obtain their desired weight. As all of us know, our society equate sexy, hot and beautiful to being very thin or skinny. So, who can we blame?

Right now, I still want to maintain my body so I tried myself to eat healthy not starve myself. I tried to eat more vegetables and fruits. We make sure to cook and not just drop by in fastfood restaurants to grab just anything they have for our meal. I don't want to go through intensive dieting again or some say starvation but I don't want to gain weight so better watch what I am eating. I don't want to be like my friend; so desperate to loose weight. With my friends' desperation to loose weight, she even think to use diet pills. She said she is currently reading diet pill review so she will have an overview as to which diet pills will somehow work for her. I advise her to make sure to talk about her with her doctor. Oh well life...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Introducing Fat Burner

Have you heard about fat burners as a way of lossing weight? If not, you can go to Fat-Burners.Sybervision.com to read different fat burner reviews. Fat burners are becoming popular as a weight loss product in the market today. However, choosing which fat burners will work best for you is not easy. You have to take a lot of consideration prior to choosing one. The following are some factors to use in examining which fat burner is best for you.

* Safety of Ingredients (Safe Fat Burners)
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Happy Moms' Day!

Oh, what a busy weekend we have! Saturday we had to attend to a birthday party of our friend and at the same time tried to squeezed our gift shopping for Mothers' Day. Hubby and I decided to drop by in the theater on our way home from the party and watched "Obsessed" by Beyonce Knowles and Idris Elba.

Today, Sunday, we do our weekly household tasks earlier and then went to my sister-in-law's house to celebrate Mothers' Day with my husband's family. It was fun and it always feel good to be around with family and spent time with them.

To all the Moms out there, HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Body Detox

Many of us may just ignore the importance of keeping our colon clean at all times. However, one must remember that undergoing body detox often is very important. It will keep your body's organs healthy and well-functioning. With all the food and pollutants that gets into our body everyday we really need to make sure our body is clean and taken cared of. For colon detox products, you can go online and try to search which one works best for you and of course with your doctor's approval, if needed. Colon detox products includes Colonix, Colovox, Bowtrol and many more. For more details, you can visit Sybervision.com.

Friday, April 24, 2009

No More Long Wait

Last night, our PC was so slow in downloading websites. So, I told my husband about it. He told me to run the virus scanner and thanks God there was no infected file we found. He told to delete unnecessary stuff stored in the computer because it might be that our computer memory is getting low. After I deleted some files, our PC is now working just fine. Hubby then told me that he will buy a higher byte memory disk to make the computer download even faster and no more whining from me everytime I use the PC.... lol.

Its Getting Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

Since it is now getting warmer in Texas, this is the perfect time for all outdoor activities. It is the perfect time to have those family afternoon barbeque. Since the family is getting bigger, I know we need to add more patio chairs so that many will be accommodated outside the house. It is more fun if everyone get the chance to hang out where most of the family are sitted. I am sure that many of us here have waited summer to come. Finally, we get the chance to enjoy outside rather than keeping ourselves inside the house due to cold. So, enjoy everyone!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wise Spending

Be a wise buyer; that is always what I instill in my mind. Many of us will agree if I will say that today is not the perfect time to mess around with your money. As much as possible, try to get bargain in everything you will purchase. Using coupons, discount codes or buying items during sale is a very important thing to consider. In this way, you will save a lot of greens. If we talk about savings, Buy.com is a perfect place to hang aroun if you are looking for good stuff at a very affordable price. Everyday is great savings at Buy.com because of the huge savings they are giving to their customers and shipping is free. After all, who would not love shopping during sale or blowout clearance?

Be Competitive

The economic crisis that we are experiencing right now triggers the consumers to slow down in their spending. Most people buy only important stuff or the things that they need which affect the sales and leads of many businesses. Today, if you own a business, having a website is a great tool to make your company and products accessible to the consumers no matter what part of they world they are at. However, having a website is not only enough. I mean with thousands of products available in the market today; people tend to buy or hang around more on websites that are inviting or that are easy to navigate. If your website has offer none of these comfort to their users most likely they will just stay there for a moment and may never come back again. So, if you want an inviting, exciting, easy to navigate features in your website; conversion rate optimization is what you need. Learn more about it and who knows this maybe the answer to increase your sales and leads or website traffic...

So Into It

There are no right words to that I can use to describe how happy and thankful I am to have my current job. I just love it so much and most of all it allows me to spend more time with my husband since we are now off on the weekends. Now, hubby and I are both home at night and at the weekend. So far, we love the weekend off since we are now able to do things together. Just a couple of days ago, we went camping with our friends and their families. We also do road trips every now and then. If it is too wet outside, we just relax at home and enjoy marathon of movies. These are some things that we missed to do when I was still working in the hospitality industry. Bottom line is, I am just so happy and thankful for all the blessings the He gave us. Amidst of today's crisis, I was able to find a great job! To all of you who are still looking for job, just be patient and be deligent in looking for job! I am sure in due time you will find one! Good luck!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Weight Loss Latest Buzz

If going to the gym, engaging in yoga, pilates and other group exercise activities or excessive dieting doesn't work to maintain or loss your weight, why not try an appetite suppresant. This sounds interesting, right? There are few appetite suppressant available in the market today. You need not trust all of them right away without proving if it is effective but I am pretty sure that you can find a best appetite suppressant for yourself. It is just a matter of research and perhaps seeking advice from those people who have tried this type of product or you can visit AppetiteSuppressants.net for more details. Visit the latter, who knows this will be the answer already to your weight battle.

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Delight for my Beloved

Hubby and I is looking for a wholesale electronics to buy something for my brother and my father's birthday. We are looking for wholesale electronics because we think that they always give a better deal than the regular electronics store. However, I wish I could find something online that offers free delivery to my country in that way I will be able to save for the shipment and tax. If it doesn't work I am thinking of sending them through the balikbayan box the next time I am going to send one to PI. This will be a surprise. My brother and father didn't know about it so I am very much excited to know as to what their reaction will be. I know my brother and father has wish for these stuff so much that having them will be very much appreciated.

New Start, New Life

Its a month now since I start working in my new work and I love it! I love the work, the people and the place. I always look forward to going to work everyday. My husband is so happy knowing that I am happy and very much "into" my work. Most of all, we love the idea that we are all home at night. Yes, I am only working during the day plus I am always off on the weekends since our office is only open on the weekdays. I am so happy and thankful to be blessed to find this job. Thank you dear God for giving me the opportunity to spend more time with my family. To my husband, thank you for being so understanding as always.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Is Your Family Safe from Identity Theft?

Since identity theft is very rampant right now, hubby and I make sure that our family is guarded from it by getting an identity theft protection program. Well, having this may not ensure 100% free from possible fraud but having a monitoring program can at least minimize if not prevent the worst consequence a person may encounter in his life. If you want to know more about identity theft protection program and how this will be beneficial to your family, visit NextAdvisor.com.

Connect to the World with your Netbook

Are you tired of bringing a heavy laptop back and forth to work, school and home? If so, this is the right time to get yourself one of the many netbooks available on the market. Netbook functions like a laptop. You can use it to browse the internet, send and receive emails and instant messaging. The good thing is, this is less expensive, small and light which makes it easy to carry wherever you go. So, next time you go shopping for a laptop why not consider netbook instead.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Kitchen Buddies

Every weekend, if both of us are off from work, we always make sure that we are in the kitchen helping each other to make our favorite food. We oftentimes do food trip. We love to eat. Yes, we do.

Anyway, going back to the topic. I was marinating the meat when he called me to the kitchen sink. He was there washing some dishes and cooking pans. He pointed the sink while asking me if I know what kind of sink it is. Right away, I replied, "No Sir" since I really dont know it by heart. I am really clueless on why he asked me with it. Probably it was just a question that came to his mind out of the blue. Then, he said, this is an example of an undermount sink. He explains to me what makes it such and honestly I was impress on his knowledge about the topic.

Out of curiosity, I asked him how he knows it. He said because we both love to be in the kitchen, he makes sure that when he is looking for our soon-to-be house online, he double check everything he sees in the kitchen and do a research in case he isn't sure about it. All I said was, "Good job baby".

Friday, March 13, 2009

Enjoying a Beautiful Scenery

A week ago, my friends and I went to Dallas Arboretum. It was only a short trip but it was worthy because the place is amazing. Just when we are approaching the entrance, we already saw the beautiful flowers. It was such a fabulous welcome for the visitors! The lake has given a more dramatic and calm ambience which most people including my friends and I want. It is a great get-a-way place if you want to unwind or just keep yourself from the busy city surrounding. The tulips, lilies, daisies, roses and many more are just so beautiful. One of my friends has mentioned about seeing a knock out rose when they came their last year of this time. Since I am not so sure how a knock out rose look like so I search online and now I already know how it looks like.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How Strong Are You?

When hubby asked me to lift something, he will always laugh at me because I look like I have no strength in lifting especially with heavier stuff. He said I need to go back to the gym and work out my strength. He even mentioned that there are strength equipment that I can use to develop my body's strength. His comment seems like a joke but it is true. I also feel that there is a need for me to do some work out for my body. Anyway, this is for my own good. Well, let us see if I can have all the time and the energy to realize this plan.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Orlando Get Away

A friend of mine has called me today and she said that she is on her way to Orlando to meet with her husband. Her husband just comes back from Iraq and they decided to have a short Orlando vacations prior to heading back to their place. Well, after being away from each other they deserve a private, intimate vacation. I am so proud of them. I am proud of my friend for being very strong and supportive to her husband in all ways she thinks. I am very happy and proud of her husband for serving his country to the best he can, even it will cost his life.

Now, everyone is excited for them to come back home and we are going to hold a welcome party for him. We are very excited about it. We can't wait....

Friday, March 6, 2009

Online Sales Training

Lately, I was asked by my GM to undergo a sales training online. She asked me to under the sales online course online thru Hilton University so that I will have an idea on what Hilton sales is all about. Few days ago, I started the course but since it is way too long and we were very busy so I am not even half way till the very moment. Because the modules are lengthy and it download so slow, I honestly find it boring. Oh, please believe me! LOL
However, I will still continue with this till I finish the course because it really helps me learn more. Once, I finish this course, I will be a big help with our Director of Sales since I can help her do contracts and enter SRPs' in our system. So, when I get bored I just told myself, "Hang on Marie; you will get there!" LOL

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is Your House Fence Good Enough?

While looking for houses in the market, some of the things that hubby and I consider are the crime rate, location, neighborhood condition and fence. Hubby and I love to buy a house which fence is in good condition. Why? Of course, I don't want to spend extra money for the fence right after we move in the house.

One of the house that we like so much has a PVC fence. However, there is a certain portion of the fence, approximately, 24 inches long that is only in not so good condition. Since, I am curious as to how much probably we will spend in fixing it, I went to fencequotes.com to get a free quote. My friend was right; this website is very helpful. It has helped me gain an idea on how much we will spend for a pvc fence installation in case we will push through with this house.

Fencequotes.com also offer free quotes for other type of fence such as wood, aluminum, bamboo, steel, wrought iron and chain link. Visit them now and get your own estimate!

Be A Wise Shopper

Spring is already coming! Now, is the best time to start shopping for Spring outfits. Everywhere there is always a sale going on! That is why be very careful also. I mean, don't be an impulsive buyer. Don't just buy something because it is on sale. Still, you have to consider the quality of the product and of course the style. Try to ask yourself if that is really the style that would fit for you. With the crisis right now, I bet you don't want to spend couple of dollars today and end up wearing the product once because later that day you realized that it isn't your style. So shop around first and compare prices before spending your hard earned greens. Oh, you might want to check Dansko footwear for men and women. They have a pretty good deal right now. With this, you would certainly go wrong since their quality is already tested and proven.

On Watch Look Out

Because of the death of our friend's husband before Valentines Day, hubby and I chose to spend our Valentines with her and with our other Fil-Am friends. I became very busy that I didn't ever get the chance to buy something for my beloved husband. Now, although it is already March, I still think to get something for him. I consider getting him a watch.

Since he is a bit picky with his stuff, so I am doing couple of search first and read some reviews before buying it. Jaeger watch is very elegant and trendy that is why I like it; however, it is sad to note that I can't afford to buy this expensive watch as of now. So I need to continue searching more brands. I will probably get hubby a Jaeger watch if I won the lottery. LOL.

Career Shifting

I am still very overwhelmed until today! Yesterday, I got a very good news after my job interview. They called me after few minutes and although it wasn't a formal offer yet but the HR recruiter has already confirmed with me that my panel interview was productive and they are drafting the offer for me for approval. Right now, I am just waiting for them to inform me about the formal offer. I am just so excited and I can't wait to start a new career.
I guess this is really is it! Time for me to bid goodbye with the hospitality industry. I didn't say I will not consider working in hospitality again but for now I look forward to the start of my new job. Soon no more nights and no more crazy schedule! Thanks God!

Make Your Kitchen Fab and Hip

Are you doing a renovation with your house or buy a house and would like to re-decorate your kitchen according to your preferences? If so, check out the beautiful designs of Danze faucets that would surely make your upgrade more bold and fabulous. Danze faucets comes with different designs or style so as to make sure that every households desired upgrade will be bring into reality. By the way, go to faucet.com to see different selections of Danze faucets available right now and if you happen to fall in love with one or couple of them the information on how to order is also available. Happy shopping!!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Shred Off That Extra Weight

Although my schedule at work is very tiring, I tried my best to go back to gym even 2-3 times a day. I need to sweat out whatever extra sugar and carbohydrates I ate every day. I love being on the treadmill especially that I can't jog outside since it is chilly. It is of different feeling every time I set my feet on the treadmill and do a 30-minute walking or jogging. Boy, it feels so good after doing it! I feel lighter and livelier!

When Spring comes, my mother-in-law and I plan to start walking or jogging outside. I guess we will be going back to our route before: the park. Oh, hubby will be with us also since he said he needs to shred off some weight also. Well, I will still go to the gym and do some weights and do walking/jogging every now and then in the park with my MIL or hubby.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Insurance Quotes Are Now Available!

Having no insurance for your car, house or health can cause you so much in the future. So, if currently you don't have insurance now is the best time to shop around for some insurance quotes. Yes, getting an insurance in whatever form is additional expenses in your budget but just think of how much it cost you when something happens to your uninsured house and cars or if you are sick. So, act now than be sorry tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Keep Yourself Warm

During winter, everyone should make sure they are properly shielded from cold when they go out and when they are home or at work. Wearing thick clothes, layers of clothes, gloves and hats are just some of the must-have clothes in your wardrobe to make sure you keep your body safe from cold. When home, make sure your heater is on, fireplace is lit or wrap yourself with your heated blanket. Being sick is very expensive especially in this economic meltdown so make to keep yourself warmth.

A Tornado Siren in the Silence of the Night

After a year and 9 months of being here in the US, I finally hear a tornado siren tonight. This happened just few minutes ago. There wasn't only one tornado siren that went off but around 4. The siren in our city didn't go off but our 3-4 neighboring cities did that is why we hear it so clearly. Hubby and I called Mom who lives 5 minutes away from us. I also called Ate Fe, a very good friend of ours to check if they are okay since their city tornado siren was one of those that went off. I was happy to hear they are all okay. I also called the hotel where I work to check with the front desk staffs how is everything going. I also told them to make sure they print a downtime report to make sure they have the updated reports ready in case situation gets worst. Fortunately, we only hear the tornado siren for less than 10 minutes because the tornado warning was lifted so quick due to the fast movement of the severe thunderstorm.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

On Personal Note

I am off again these coming weekend. Can you believe it? I barely can. Okay, let me tell you why.

I worked in a hotel. Hotel operations doesn't stop even if everyone is sleeping or even if there is ice storm, hurricane, etc. This is one of the businesses that functions round the clock; 24/7 so to speak. In fact, last night, North Texas was hit by a bad ice storm but the hotel doesn't stop its operations because of the bad weather. The mall across the street, the nearby restaurants and shops closed very early but we aren't. However, hotel offers free room for the employees who are working today. It wasn't my plan to stay there but since I might need to cover the AM shift if the AM FD agent will not show up so I decided to just got a room there.

Anyway, since we hired new people, I already find a scapegoat to get a weekend off. I am not going to tell how and why but it is through legal means. LOL. So, I will be enjoying my weekend again with hubby. Hopefully, we are going to have a warm weekend so we will not just stay inside the house.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

On TV Stand Search

Since hubby wants to buy a bigger HDTV for our living room, I also realize that we need a new TV stand. Our current TV stand is smaller and the color doesn't really match with our new color motiff for our living room. I am looking for something that is open; something that is only above knee high. Our current TV stand is cabinet style and the place where TV is placed is really way smaller than the HDTV that hubby plans to buy. We are already very excited since bigger TV is good for karaoke. Do you agree?

A Night to Remember

I am off for the next 3 days. I am just so happy because I will get a chance to spend more time with hubby on the weekends. In fact, tonight we had a movie marathon. We never do this for a long time that is why it feels so good to get a chance to do it again. We watched two movies tonight: action (Righteous Kill) and drama (The Family That Preys).
Hubby and I are always a fan of Tyler Perry's movies. We already watched a couple of his work like "Why I Get Married" and "Meet the Browns". Tonight, we watched another Tyler Perry's movie, " The Family That Preys". As usual, we love the movie. You will get a very good lesson from it. Some of the very important lessons are: (a) family first; (b) don't take for granted the people who loves you; (c) be faithful and trusting especially to your wife/husband/partner; (d) dream but make sure you will achieve your dream in a fair and modest way; (e) don't let anyone belittle you; and (f) never give up on something that you are entitled to own.
Indeed, our Saturday night was a blast. Aside from our movie marathon, hubby also made our favorite grilled steak. Its indeed a night to remember.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Beautiful Moroccan Lanterns

At noon, while starring our bedroom ceiling, hubby and I had come up to a conclusion that we want to put something that would give our bedroom another ambience. At first, I was thinking of changing the color of the curtain, wall pictures and the comforter. Then I realized that we just buy them a couple of months ago.

Hubby then got a brilliant idea which I really like. His idea is to put a lantern in the corner of our room. He said he used to have one before and it really looks good during night and it also adds another ambience to the room. Since both of us don’t have an idea on how much they cost, we search online and Moroccan lanterns are one of the lanterns that we like to have. Oh, we love the designs and the color scheme that are used. Some Moroccan lanterns are big that you can use it as a chandelier if you want to. If you want to change the ambience of your place by changing your customary chandelier then I would suggest taking a look at the Moroccan lanterns. I am pretty sure you would love them just like we do.

He Gives Me the Reason to take Thousands Pictures

Aside from the digital camera that hubby gave me on my birthday; he also bought a compact flash to give me the opportunity to take more pictures. With the 5 GB compact flash that he bought, I can now take up to 2 780 pictures without deleting a single photo. This is really great especially if you are on trip and you don't have access to your laptop. He said that this digital camera and the compact flash will make you now go crazy with your picture taking. LOL. How did he know that will be my plan? Probably, I just show him so much how camera addict I am and him being very observant. Anyway, it will be fun again! I can now take thousands of pictures!

Weather Check

After two days of being in the 80's and 70'sF, we are down again to a freezing temperature. The wind actually adds up to the coldness that we are experiencing here in the DFW metroplex. I really hate the frequently changing temperature here in Texas. I mean at one point you are already used to the cold and then all of a sudden it will get warm again and back to cold.

One time, out of curiosity, my Mama asked me if the people here or I is not getting sick often due to the abruptly changing temperature. Fortunately, neither hubby nor I do get sick because of the weather. He just have cough lately and that is pretty it.

When the weekend was approaching I was actually hoping that the warm temperature will remain so that hubby and I can spend some of our weekend time outside. I was planning to go to Dallas arboretum but since it is freezing cold today we postponed it. Too bad but somehow it is good because we got the chance to extend our Saturday nap longer.

Get Protected On the Road

It's more than a month now since I got my DL and start driving. After my car insurance was running for 5 months while the car was just setting in the parking area, I finally use it. Personally, I believe that having car insurance is worth it. You will never know what will happen to you or with your car while you are on the road or even when it is just parked. Having car insurance will help you save hundreds if not thousands of money in case accidents of whatever form happens.

In Texas, having no insurance means that your car will be towed if you are caught by police officers on the road. Ouch! That would be a big trouble. This is one of the Texas laws which I am very favorable of. If you can't afford to get comprehensive car insurance, you can just get a liability insurance which the government is mandated. Shop around to check who offers good coverage for less. If you don't have time, search in the internet for any online companies that offers great car insurance.

We Love to Grill, Do You?

Hubby and I love to grill. Beef Steak is our favorite grilled food. In fact, we always set a day during the week to make grill steak. Oh boy, I am obviously addicted to it.

However, we seldom go out to eat steak. I can only count in my fingers the time that we go to restaurant for steak. Aside from the fact that we can definitely save by minimizing dining out, by cooking our own food we can also be sure that the food we are eating is prepared through healthy cooking procedure. Plus, hubby cooks a very yummy steak. Yes, that is true. This is not to brag but if you will try his steak you can’t even tell that it is not made by a professional chef. LOL

Friday, January 23, 2009

Get the Justice You Deserve!

You can’t go to work because you have been injured. With our economy right now, it is really a big pain if you can't go to work. If you think someone should be liable of the personal injury that happened to you, then don't have second thought to seek justice and compensation that you deserve. For people who are living across Kentucky, there is Lexington personal injury lawyer who can help you collect compensation for your bills, medical expenses, pain and suffering and lost wages from work. Visit Frank Jenkins Law Office or their website to know if you have a case and first consultation is FREE. They will help you get the justice you deserve!

On My 25th Year...

I just turned 25! Yes, another year has been added to my age! Of course, I am thankful to our Lord for giving me another year. On the other hand, it is a bit weird because I start to kind of feel scary now. I know it is unlikely to feel this way but when I think that I am only 5 years away from turning 30 that scares me. My beloved hubby and family never failed to assure me that everything will be fine but somehow some things made me think twice. I am always a fighter; a strong woman but sometimes there are just things that would shake you in one way or another. The funny thing is I am scared for NO REASON AT ALL!

Anyway, I received a digital camera from hubby around 12:02AM on my birthday. It was a surprised that is why he gave it to me at midnight. You might be wondering why he picked this among the other stuff. Well, lately he noticed that I have not been taking a lot of pictures. He asked me why and I told him that my digital camera downloads so slowly and one time it didn't download and I have to wait for an hour to figure out what happened. Finally, I told him that it would be nicer if I have a digital camera with a bigger screen that what I currently have. You see, that conversation worked since hubby gave me a new digital cam. Oh, I also receive a very nice card from him that after reading it, it made me cry... It was so sweet of him! As always, he never fails to surprise me and make me cry with tears of joy!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Undelivered Santa Package

Christmas has passed already but since I wasn't able to mail my package for my family back home before Christmas so I still have my family's gifts with me. LOL. Since, the box isn't full yet before the cut-off time for Christmas delivery so I decided to just hold on to it and mail it this month. The box contain just anything that I think my family especially my parents would love to have. I bought them shoes, clothes, purses, wallets, soaps, chocolates and many more. I am also thinking to give Mama and Papa Luminox watches. I know it's pricey so I may buy those and bring it with me during my visit since I almost over with my budget for this package. LOL. They didn't know I will do it so if I will push through my plan of buying them then it will be a big suprise for them. Oh well, I always love to surprise my parents. I just love them so much.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Get Fully-Loaded

Are you done with your inventory? It is the start of the month and start of the year 2009. This is the time to look into your supplies either at home or office and fill in whatever is short or missing. Oh, I just did with the monthly inventory of the office supplies at work and I will do the house next so we are always equipped with whatever we need. It is a big hassle to stop in what you are doing because you need to go to the store to buy something. Oh, that is a big NO, NO especially for hubby. By the way, for your industrial supply needs like ball lock pins, marking tools, clamps, fasteners, etc. , check out ReidSupply.com or you can also ask your friends and family where they get their supplies.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Road Life

During economic crisis, people just tend to dwell in their jobs even if it requires to be away from their families for some days. A friend of ours who is driving his own truck and has been doing deliveries as a living told us that his job isn't easy since he is usually away from his family for a few days especially if he deliver goods out of state. However, he is still lucky because he can choose what days he can stay home since he owns his truck and he has no boss to report to. When I asked him how he got his CDL license, he said that he undergo CDL training prior to be given the approval to drive trucks. He started working in a trucking company and later on operate his own when he decided to start a family. It was a good move!

New-Found Asian Markets

I was so amazed to discover that there are 2 big Asian markets that are very close to where I live. Both are located in our neighboring city, Carrollton. Super H Mart was found by hubby and I when I did my road test for my driver's license in Carrollton DPS. The second one, Carrollton Plaza Supermarket, was introduced to me by my friend Loyna (a fellow blogger). She called me today and asked me if I want to go with her to the Asian market.Since, I want to know where it is located and at the same time I want to buy some stuff like fish, bokchoy, noodles and some Philippine vegetables; I decided to go with her. She dropped by and picked me up, since our place is on the way to the Asian market.

Oh, boy! Both Asian markets are huge and very clean but I like the Carrollton Plaza Supermarket better since they have fishes that are liken to what we have in the Philippines! Moreover, Carrollton Plaza Supermarket also carries wide variety of Asian and of course Filipino food! You can barely smell the typically "Asian market smell" when you are inside the store except when you head towards the fish section. Well, the smell is barely noticeable even there.

The best thing is, they are selling their product at a very reasonable price especially the vegetables and seafood. Since, Carrollton Plaza Market is only 10mins drive away from us (with good traffic), I might as well do my grocery shopping there for vegetables, meat and fishes.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Safeguard Your Family, Get An Insurance Today!

Having a life insurance is very important especially in this times of crisis because it will save you and your loved ones from spending huge amount of money when your health is at risk. If you failed to acquire one then it is not too late yet. You can get a life insurance quotes at WholeSaleInsurance.net. Don't take the risk of spending thousands and thousands of money during emergencies. Take action now or be sorry tomorrow!