Friday, December 26, 2008

My Christmas, Your Christmas

It is a day after Christmas. How is everyone? How was your Christmas? I hope everyone is doing great and happy! I know life is difficult these days but I hope that you all find ways to make your Christmas celebration merrier and memorable. For me and family, we had a blast. My sister-in-law hosted our Christmas party this year. Family members were having a chitchat while waiting for some food to get ready. Then we had dinner, we opened our gifts and we played games. It was fun! Even if I am not in my homeland, but my family here makes me feel home. I am so grateful with them for that!

To everyone here in the blogosphere, MERRY, MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Be On Shape

Several people including my dear hubby complains that he already gained weight from eating a lot of food since last Thanksgiving and the weekly party we have with our Fil-Am friends. I know that many of you out there are also experiencing the same weight gain. Yes, it is really difficult to be on diet during Holidays considering all the food the family cook to celebrate the special days of the year. Going to the gym regularly will help shed off those fats, sugar and carbohydrates that you intake but if you are busy at work I know it is difficult. Have you heard about Anoretix diet pills? Maybe this could help you after the holiday to go back on shape...

Just A Thought...

I know I have been lazy again this past couple of days that's why I am not here again often in this blog. Moreover, I was also freeking busy at work that I felt very tired and no energy alreay to sit down in front of my computer when I get home; instead, I just hopped right away to bed. Gooosshh! Well, so much on my laziness chuchu guys... Today, I am very excited today because in the next two days I will be off. Yahooo!!! Well, that also means I will have more time to sit down infront of my computer and do my online stuff especially blogging. However, for now, I need to sign out. I just arrived from a terribly busy night at work. I do need a good rest now. See you tomorrow guys! Good night!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Oh, Las Vegas!

I had my first visit to Las Vegas on July this year. It was summer and the burning hot temperature of Las Vegas never fail to welcome us just when we step out from the airport. Despite of the uncomfortable hotness that we experienced, my Las Vegas experience is one of a kind. The Strip Las Vegas where we spent our 6 days was absolutely beautiful. The hotels are just so amazing and the ambience of the place. I love the castle-like structure of Excalibur, the fantastic watershow at Bellagio, the Paris-tower at Paris hotel, the pyramid/Egypt inspired Lexur hotel and of course the world-reknown hotel when it comes to great boxing bouts, MGM Grand Hotel. Oh, we had a blast with our 3-night stay at MGM Grand Hotel. One thing, during your next trip, don't forget to enjoy the 1-hour cruise at Lake Mead. If you love being close to nature, you will definitely love it.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Be Safe with Security Systems

In these days, burglary is very rampant all over the country. Our house that we thought the safest place we can be is not that way at all because of the fear that there might be people who will break in the house. Hence, the use of security systems is very important. It is advisable to put one in every household. Base on experience, it will truly give me and my husband peace and good night sleep knowing that at least we have our security system to sound in case intruders will pry our privacy. For husbands who are travelling so often, having a security system in your home can keep your family safe. To have one is indeed a good deal!

On Icy Night

It's been 3 days now since we have this freezing temperature. Yeah, dude it is freaking cold right now. Roads especially the overpass and the bridges become icy every now and then especially late at night. Driving is very dangerous if you are not being careful. Two nights ago, I saw a lot of accidents and cars spinning because of the icy roads. Yes, it was very scary. I keep on reminding my hubby not to drive fast. We were moving at only 10-15mph. I think I arrived home faster than walking. However, I won't dare to go out the car in that freezing night. The slate shower worsen the situation. So, to everyone, be very careful and be very attentive in driving during these days of the year. Beware of accidents, it is almost Christmas and New Year is soon to come and we are here to celebrate not to mourn if in case something bad happened to our loved ones in the road.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Sweat That Fat

Because of the busy schedule I have at work, I didn't have the luxury of time to go to the gym; hence, hubby thought of buying a treadmill or elliptical. He said by having an exercise equipment at home, I will have no reason already to jump into it. Fair enough, it is not only intended for me, he needs more to sweat some of the weight that he thought he gained for the last couple of days. Hubby was thinking of checking Pro-Form as his friend said that he got his from this online store. I will let you know if he will push through this plan or not. Well, I am not against it since it is for the good of both of us.

This Christmas!

Just 12 more days to go and it's already Christmas Day! Are you done with your Christmas shopping? If you do, good for you! If not then you aren't alone. Believe it or not, we haven't start yet with even a single gift. For hubby and I, we need to buy 4 gifts for the family Christmas Party. Such a long way to go for us in buying Christmas gifts!

Last year, I miss to enjoy Christmas and New Years Day since I just started with my job and being a neophyte, as what we are accustomed of, I have to take the shifts that the other employees wish not to work. But now that I am in the company for a year, I already have the chance to ask for off during holidays. Oh, I was already informed that I will be off on Christmas and New Years Day! Finally, I will have the chance to celebrate these days with my hubby and family. I am just so excited!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Disposable Diaper

Taking care of your folks especially if you are working needs good time management and more patience. The discovery of disposable diaper has helped a lot those people who are taking care of their folks. No more longer time in washing those dirty clothes, sheets or blankets if they accidentally peed on it. This is also very convenient during long travel and like the babies, this helps our folks to feel comfortable during their sleep especially at night since there is no need for them to always ask assistance when they need to pee at the wee hours. Oh, it also saves more hours of sleep for those who are taking care of them.

It's A Boy!

Another baby boy is on the way for one of our friends here in DFW area. Last Saturday, a baby shower was hosted by Ate Fe for Beth. As usual, we had so much fun. Hubby and I went there and we got the chance to see again our friends in the area.

Oh, lots and lots of Filipino food were prepared. We had lumpia, humba, sweet and sour fish, bihon, tinolang manok, binignit, biko and a lot more. Before the night got too late, we had baby shower games which everyone found it so much fun!

Here are some pictures from the baby shower.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hubby Said: Moen Faucets

Hubby and I thought that we need to replace one of our faucets since it isn't working so good already. We have been looking around the web and in the stores close to our house so we will know how much we have to spare to have it replaced. So far, hubby said that he likes Moen faucets. I don't know if you are familiar with this kind of faucet, I don't but hubby does. If you are like us who wants to do a renovation in your kitchen, check to see variety of quality and beautiful Moen faucets and fixtures. I am sure you will fall in love with them like we do.

Here's the picture of the faucet that hubby wants.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Used Cisco Available Here

Are you tired of looking around where to buy used cisco products? Whether you are looking for used cisco routers, switches, phones, voips or access servers, Sapia Networks has them all. If you want to take a look at a sample of some used cisco products, just visit their website. You just have to go to Hubby said Sapia is a good site to shop for used network equipment since it carries good selections or brands that you can truly depend on. Don't wait too long, visit them now!


Initially, the US government officials were in a denial that the country is experiencing recession. Immediately after the economy has slowly collapsed, a lot of financial institution declares that they need help from the government in order to survive. Hence, the big bail out happened. Now, another sector of the market is crying out for help. From financial institutions, now it is the US automakers industry.

Economy is very down right now. Guess who are the most affected? Well, no other than the ordinary citizens of this country. Those people who are earning only couple of greens every hour and those people whose companies are closing. Foreclosures are soaring high these days. As what expert have said, if you have money, today is the best time to buy either cars or houses because of a lot of very good deal available in the market right now.

Too sad that the situation has to come to this point. I hope that US will soon recover; it might not be too easy but I hope it will happen soon.