Thursday, May 29, 2008

Feel Refreshed

After a series of hot weather, I would say I love our weather today. It is just perfect for me. It wasn't too hot. Maybe, this is due to the sun is like a bulb that was turn on and off in the sky at certain intervals. I feel contented with just the ceiling fan giving me a refreshing air. I felt relieved already with just the fan unlike last week when I need to turn on the AC.

Just like what my friend told me, I should not open the window during daytime so that hot air outside can't get inside. I guess it was a big mistake in the past couple of days when I left the windows opened even on the broad daylight when the sunlight is too extreme. I bet she is right because it air remains colder inside the house when the windows aren’t open.

Monday, May 26, 2008


Our temperature is still to no avail. Everyday it seems like we are getting hotter and hotter here. It is understandable considering that we are already on our way to summer but never thought it will be this to have a temperature close to 100F.

Oh, yeah, our highest temperature of the day is already close to 100F. As a matter of fact, if you are going to consider the heat index, we had already reached 100F many times because of our high humidity content. Yes, it is correct. Two days ago, our temperature was 96F but it feels like 105F due to high humidity content.

I keep complaining these days about the hotness here. Yeah, I know I come from a tropical country but at least there if you are going out and sit down under a shade of the tree the breeze is refreshing. In here, oh yeah, better not to open your windows or go out coz it is hotter outside. If it is sun bathing time, of course, you will need this extreme sunlight distribution.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Naturally or Artificial Tanning?

It has been very warm in the past few days here in Texas. Approximately, 2-3 days ago we already reached a whooping 100F temperature. So, now I am wondering how hot we will be here when summer officially kicks in! We can really feel now the heat of the sun. Actually last weekend, I was sunbathing to get some tan and yes, I did get a little tan. However, I need more sun exposure to have a darker tan just like what I had last summer.

Well, you might be wondering why I will not just go to the salon and have my tan done there. Unfortunately, I don't trust those tanning products because no matter how they will claim it is safe, still I believe there is a not so good effect of it in the long run. I certainly prefer naturally tanning; just be careful not to have sunburn because it also hurts so much.

Anyway, sun is up today and it is shining brightly up in the sky so I am thinking of getting some tan today.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Busy Morning at Work

My two day short-vacation is over. Today, I went back to work. I was blessed because it wasn't so busy but since there were two of us in the Front Desk in the morning; my manager asked me if I could help the hostess in the dining area to look after if everything is taking cared of during our free-buffet breakfast. The hostess and the "dining people" need reinforcement since we had 90 junior high school students in house today. They were here for a school tour and at the same time to participate in the battle of the band held in one of the cities here.

At first, it was very quiet in the dining area but when the 90 students including their chaperones went done and ate, the area turned out into a noisy and very busy place... It was very busy... One of my managers even asked me if I am okay to help them there because I look so tired already early morning. It was the noise that I can't bear. I get easily irritated with so much noise. Well, who isn't?

Oh well, everything turned out good and everyone receives compliment from guests and management. It was my first experience to be in the dining area during breakfast or even dinner and my experience was great! When the kids left the hotel, I also went back to the Front Desk.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

KC & Richard Bridging The Two Rival Networks: Star Cinema and GMA Films

Finally, the most awaited tandem of KC Concepcion and Richard Gutierez in the big screen will soon hit the big screen. The two rival networks on TV and movies, GMA films and Star Cinema, have come up with a deal just to grant the request of the fans of KC Concepcion and Richard Gutierez tandem. KC has signed a 3-picture contract with Star Cinema and Richard has signed a 1-picture for his movie with KC. Currently, KC is in Paris on vacation and Richard is on Dubai. Sources said that the KC-Richard movie will be shoot abroad. No specific venue yet.

Blog Day

Today is my "blog day"! Do you know why? No, actually it is just my own way of giving my blogs credits that is why I make sure that once or twice a week I am full-time with them. I have to take care of them and I have to respond to the messages that my fellow bloggers left here. Most of all, I need to watch the generous triple P's for the possible fishes that they are giving today. I hope they will be generous again today just like on Monday.

Yes, if you guys don't know what happened at triple P's on Monday, let me tell you. They gave a lot of big paying opportunities requiring only big Real Rank, no PR; some don't require tack rating and no Alexa. Those opps are blessings to those bloggers whose blogs are victim of sudden PR removal. At least the kind-hearted advertisers are thinking of them because even if we admit it or not there are a lot of good blogs out there that deserve to have a PR in their site.

Hopefully the big boss will notice them on the next update. Yours truly are also hoping to get a PR in this blog and in my MJ's Hurrah in the next update. If given even a PR1, I would be very happy about it. Well, much more of it is bigger than that. LOL.. Why not?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I am Excited; It Shows

I am now very excited for Thursday to come. Ooppss... I absolutely didn't win lotto nor have I a big date coming. I also didn't have a concert to do; I am fully-booked as of the moment..LOL.. I wish I am a singer by profession, I love singing; the music. We will not go yet to our vacation. I am not so sure if my new laptop will be delivered at that time, so that is not the reason.

Actually, I will only be at the house on Thursday. I will be with my computer and of course with my blogs. That is the big reason why I am happy. I will have more time blogging. So, do you have a guess now why I am very excited for Thursday? You nail it! Yes, it will be my DAY OFF!

How about you? What makes you excited in the next couple of days? I am certain there is...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Silent Days

I am on the first day of my three-day off from work. Supposedly, I should be happy I know but I am not because hubby isn't here. He is on a business trip again for three days. He will be gone in the next three days and I feel very lonely. I could have go with him but I will only be in the hotel during their meeting plus it will just be an additional unnecessary expenses. Yes, we are free hotel stay and food but not with air fare and other expenses and I would prefer to save the money. K-U-R-I-P-O-T? I don't think so, just being practical.

So since I will just be in the house in the next three days, except that most of the times I will be in front of the computer fishing for any "fish (oppss)"; hopefully big ones to cover up my lost in the past days when I was very busy. Well, if my friends will pick me up in the house so we might as well end up gathering in our other friend's house which is 25 minutes away.
Until here, I am going to park my keyboard now as I am still sleepy so I will sneak back to bed.

Just want to leave this for everyone: G-O-O-D M-O-R-N-I-N-G!!!!