Monday, March 31, 2008

I am Done Hibernating

As you notice guys, I have been out in the blogosphere for two days. There wasn't serious that happened to me. I was very lazy to face the computer and I felt there was nothing that I can squeeze out from my brain. The latter is just an alibi, right? The bottomline is I was just really L-A-Z-Y!!!

To everyone who has been so nice to this new baby bloggie of mine, to all of you who added this to your blogroll, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I swear tomorrow I will make sure everyone here will be added in my blogroll. I felt so bad that I wasn't able to do it right away. I tried to update the URL of my blogs one at a time. I thought I will be able to finish the 3 blogrolls but I am out of time already. It is already 15 minutes before 1:00AM so I need to sleep now because I will still work very early tomorrow.

Good night everyone and see you all tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Decided to Start this Blog on Own Domain

I made it! Yes, finally today I was able to transfer this blog to my own domain. I actually bought my domain yesterday and have it set up this morning. After few minutes, I went back to my account and there I saw that my domain is already ready. I went to my Blogger account and switch my blog. So, here we go, this blog with new domain is born! I just realize that it is best for me and this blog to start this on its own domain so what happened with the stats of my Sweet Lullaby and Buzzing Around blogs won't happened here.

To everyone, I want to link exchange with you. Just drop me a message. Thanks!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Changing Mind

I wasnit able to update my blogs yesterday because after work, my husband and I went to the optical shop to have my new eyeglasses check. There was nothing wrong to it. I was just inquiring if I can go ahead and change the lens. I am kinda not liking it. Picky? A little bit... Actually, I guess I just changed my mind. They told me I got 90 days time allowance to decide if I really want to have it framed differently. Today, my husband and I decided to have it changed to a more casual, cool look frame by Monday. We could have do it tomorrow but since they are close on Sunday so there's no other choice but do it this Monday.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Being Lazy or Tired?

Another day is done and here I am still feeling worn out and less enthusiastic. I need a vacation! I want to unwind myself, relax and feel the warmth and the ocean breeze. I miss going to the beach and soak myself in the water under the sun's heat. We are planning to have a short beach vacation this spring or summer but there's no specific date yet. It is really funny to think that before, while waiting for my greencard, I am very eager to work but now I am already tired. I guess it has to do more with laziness, what do you think?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Excite for My Saturday Off

Today is already Tuesdays which means that there is only 3 more days to go before my off from work. Finally, after very crazy and busy days I can finally have a day break. This week my off was last Sunday and this Saturday which I am very happy because they fall on weekends and my husband is off on weekends. Last Sunday, my husband and I had a blast and I hope the weather will be fine this Saturday so we can also go out and do stuff. Well, let us see what the weather has to offer this weekend...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

In My Mind

I am still thinking of how to launch this blog in the blogosphere. Hehehe... Of course, I am not looking for a grand acceptance right away but at least I want to give a fair deal with this just like what I did with my other blogs. As you see, I haven't posted yet anything in the sidebars except for the information about me, archive and the list of my other blogs. I know I have to add more, more and more!!! Another reason for the delay is I am still contemplating if I am going to use the name of this blog or change it. Quite confusing, huh? The question is Marie which is which? What do you really like to do... Give a shoot gurlash!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My 10th Month in the USA

Time flies so fast. Clocks are ticking so secretly that I was amazed when I realized how many months I am in the US already. Two days ago marked my 10 month of living here in the US. Going back, I arrived in San Francisco on the afternoon of May 10 and my first step in Texas happened at the dawn of May 11 @ around 1:00AM. May 10 comes and I will be a year here. So far, everything is good. Things are slowly settling on their proper places. Hopefully, things will go on smoothly. I know there is always a problem along the way but I hope it will be just too minimal. Well, if a detour will happen, I hope I can manage it as what usually happened before.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Another Addition to the Blogosphere

I want more. Yes, that is what I always want. I want one addition to my blogs. My hectic schedule always keep me from realizing my plan but tonight I finally made it to reality. Tonight, my third blog was born. I finally made her ears to hear and hands to write and express the thoughts that he would love to share and hear. I hope you would learn to love and appreciate Beckoning Destiny just like Sweet Lullaby and Buzzing Around. Just like my other blogs, I would always love to exchange links here with everyone. Just drop by and let me know.