Friday, December 12, 2008

This Christmas!

Just 12 more days to go and it's already Christmas Day! Are you done with your Christmas shopping? If you do, good for you! If not then you aren't alone. Believe it or not, we haven't start yet with even a single gift. For hubby and I, we need to buy 4 gifts for the family Christmas Party. Such a long way to go for us in buying Christmas gifts!

Last year, I miss to enjoy Christmas and New Years Day since I just started with my job and being a neophyte, as what we are accustomed of, I have to take the shifts that the other employees wish not to work. But now that I am in the company for a year, I already have the chance to ask for off during holidays. Oh, I was already informed that I will be off on Christmas and New Years Day! Finally, I will have the chance to celebrate these days with my hubby and family. I am just so excited!!!

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