Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Iisa Pa Lamang Farewell

This is the first week after one of my favorite Philippine drama series ends. If you don't know yet and for those who were following the Iisa Pa Lamang and had stop recently, I want you to know that the series had ended already last Friday, Philippine time.
Before, I used to wish to have the series end because I am already feed up with the "api at ganti" episodes that is going on in the series. However, now that it is over, I am wanting to see it again everyday. I miss the Katherine-Scarlet, Isadora-Miguel, Raphael lines, etc.
Right now, Dyosa is my most awaited series already. The story started to move on now and the pacing is now faster as usual. Just like Iisa Pa Lamang, I never miss a chance to see Dyosa before or after I go to work.
"Nakaka-miss talaga ang likhang Pinoy"...

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