Saturday, October 25, 2008

Will This Coldness Stay?

Fall is really here. Living down south could means being one of the last people to experience the real Fall weather. Will you agree?

Here in North Texas, it is only this week that we started to feel the coldness. Wake up early in the morning and you can feel the tingling coldness in your place. The same goes when the sun sets already. Oh, hubby and I agreed that we still don't use our heater. After all, the coldness is still bearable.

For hubby, this weather isn't a problem to him. It is just perfect! Well, I can bear with this but I just need to put on jogging pants or shirts with sleeves if I am at home. No more shorts and sleeveless during early morning and night.

What I am wondering is if this coldness will continue until Christmas. I was able to ask this because with Texas weather, nothing is really stable. Our weather here is very unpredictable. I am sure a lot of other states are the same...

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