Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sibblings Charged Capital Murder of their Mom's Death

I could never imagine how a child could afford to kill his parents. Yes, few days ago a mother, 43-year-old, Susan Bailey, a resident of Roanoke, Texas was found dead inside her home. The suspects are her 17-year-old daughter (Jennifer Bailey), 14-year-old son and the daughter's 16-year-old boyfriend. Although, the details of the death wasn't divulge by the police because 2 juveniles are involved, they said that there are pieces of evidence that will prove the kids are the prime suspect.

Right now, the three suspects were charged with capital murder. Going back, Roanoke's police was forced to enter the house of the deceased when the South Dakota police found out that it was the daughter who was driving the 2002 Saturn car of her mom. They were pull over for traffic violations.

The suspects are now brought back to Texas to face the investigation and the court trials.


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