Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How Am I These Days?

After working 4 consecutive nights as night auditor at work, I now have difficulty falling asleep at night. Unfortunately, one of our very considerate staffs (lol...lami barangon), just leave his post without giving us enough time, even a day, to look for someone to replace him.
So, here comes Ms. Superwoman (yours truly) again to the rescue. Oh, gooshhh! I swear, I am already so tired of this role. I just believe that the raise I receive when I got promoted isn't fair enough for the crazy schedule that I have right now.
I hate to say this, but I think I am being paid less for the things I have been doing at work. Oh, well. I know, many companies are cost-cutting right now. Our GM said that we can just let someone work so much hours in a week that is why we are trying to take control all possible overtimes...
Yes, I understand them. I truly do. Being in this hotel for almost a year now, I already learn to love it and the people I work with.

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