Friday, October 24, 2008

Buy Her An Unlocked Cell Phone

I just talked to my mother today. At first, I thought it was the network provider's connection that was bad but I later found out with her that it was her cellphone that went dead every now and then because the battery is too bad already. I asked her if my father is there so I could call his phone instead. She said he went somewhere and he will not be back in the next few minutes. So, I decided to just hang in there and just told her to text me when her phone is charged.

After talking to my Mom, I decided to look for an unlocked cell phones and plan buy one for her. Of course, I will not informed her that I am getting one for her because I want her to be surprised. Oh, I can already imagine what my Mom's expression will be when you received her new phone. I want to buy an unlocked cell phone so that she will have no trouble in using the phone with whatever network provider she will choose to use.

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