Friday, September 12, 2008

South Texas Massive Evacuation Due to Hurricane Ike

Houston - Galveston area is only 5-6 hours drive from Dallas-Fort Worth area; however, because of the massive evacuation because of the Hurricane Ike travel time increases to 9-12 hours. Can you imagine how terrible the traffic would be when thousands of people from South Texas are flocking the streets? Well, that is what happened since yesterday afternoon. When our guests who are Hurricane Ike evacuees arrived in the hotel yesterday we can see the tiredness, trouble and worry they have by leaving their home. Of course, you can't take it from them to be freaking worried thinking that their houses can be one of the victims of Hurricane Ike.
A lot of people are hesitant to evacuate. I can tell it by what is going on in the reservation of hotel rooms. At one point, people called to make reservations and after few minutes they will call again to cancel it and vice-versa. I think their decision rely on the progress of the hurricane; either, it is getting stronger or not. There were also hurricane evacuees whose reservations supposed to start today but in the last minute they changed their minds to come last night since they are getting scared as the wind is getting stronger and the waves are getting higher and bigger.
Today and tomorrow, our hotel management are expecting more and more people to come and stay with us. So, we are expecting to have a very busy weekend. Our guests right now are more than doubled when we are sold out on regular business days. Anyway, we are also very happy to help them and to be of service to them at this crucial times in their lives.

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