Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sometimes, Things Are Better Left Unsaid. . .

Do you agree?

I am a straightforward person. I speak what my mind thinks. I gave my opinion but I make sure if it is a criticism, it is a constructive criticsm not always destructive. Our nature needs balance and harmony so do we. Yes, there is no harm in letting people aware of what you think and what you believe in. However, make sure that you have enough grounds for doing such. Think and think again. Don't rush and most of all don't let your emotion rule you. Remember that in most cases, people can't think well if they will let only their emotion to rule without letting the brain thinks. For me, a decision should comes from the heart and mind of a person.

Though I am a straightforward person, I am still a firm believer that there things better left unsaid. Just remember that once a word comes out from your mouth, there is no way for you to get it back. Hurting words can create more pain that can be engrave deeper in one's heart and it takes so much time to heal. As what they said, it is better to be hurt physically than emotionally because once the scar is gone there is no mark anymore of the pain that the person had been through.

Yes, we are free to speak what we want since we are living in democratic country. But what is the use of exercising your freedom of speech when it causes so much pain for your others?
My point of view is, speak from your heart; talk with compassion and let your brain think first prior to uttering those words.

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