Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Re-United with My Buddy

Today, I was reunited with one of my dear friends. She is my very close friend since elementary until high school. Even if we didn't get the chance to study in the same school but since we are neighbors so we were still able to continue our friendship.

College days came and she had to go to Manila to pursue her college studies. We were both sad and I hated the day she boarded the bus that will take her to the city where she is going to ride a plane bound to Manila. Although, we both didn't want it to happen but our communication slowly ceased. We became very busy with our studies that we seldom send text messages once in every 2 days.

Today, I was viewing some profile in a social networking site and I was so surprised when I saw her profile through my other friend's profile. I sent her a message asking if she still recognized me; she then replied right away telling me how she missed me so much.

Our meeting over the net made my day! We are so happy to be reunited and promise to have a constant communication from now onwards.

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