Monday, September 22, 2008

Plan Ahead of Time

Even if you are only going to a party in the next city that you aren't familiar, plan your trip ahead of time. Print out direction and the map that goes with it. It would help you pretty much.
We wasted a lot of gas and time for not printing the direction. Last minute prior to us leaving the house, I rushed anc decided to just copy the direction since our printer isn't working. When I look at the direction, it seems like I and hubby know where to go. We are familiar with first 2 streets. However, because I was in a hurry already, I forgot to copy one line that is very much important.
As a result we ended going to the wrong way. We realized that we were lost when we were driving far already and we still didn't see the exit for the interstate that we are looking for.
Lesson learned? Prepare, prepare and prepare everything in advance.

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