Sunday, September 28, 2008

One Stop Memory Solution!

There is no moment in my life that I don't have my camera ready to capture any precious memories. It might be an exaggeration to some people but for me an event is dull without those bright camera flashes. Yes, I am a camera addict if that is what the latter means.

Sometimes, if I forgot to download to the computer the current pictures in my camera, I ended up deleting some of them which I hate to do. Who wants to anyway? Therefore, I decided to buy another memory card for my camera. In this way, I always have a back.

Yesterday, I started shopping for digital flash memory cards and storage at I found what I need and I decided to buy it next payday, anyway this isn't very urgent so it can wait. What I like at is the fact that it carries several type of memory cards, storage, batteries and phone chargers of any brand; therefore, giving their customers a lot of options. is indeed a one stop memory solution!

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