Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Night with A 2-Month Old Infant

Last Saturday, my good friend needs to attend the company party of her husband so I decided to baby sit her 2-month old baby. Since, I don't have much idea on how to take care an infant, I decided to ask hubby's help. I am just so happy because he is very supportive of me that night.

Everything went smooth except for some "baby stuff" that are kinda new to me. Hubby keeps on laughing with me because I am very paranoid especially when the baby sounds crying. He just want to be carried that is why he is making all the noise.

When it was already past 10:00PM and he didn't sleep yet that is when he started to be uneasy. I guess he wanted to go to sleep but for some reason he couldn't. So, I ended carrying him in my arms for several minutes.

However, it was hubby who put the puzzle to an end. After a long time of carrying the baby, hubby called me and asked to have the baby. He put him in his lap, put the pacifier in his mouth which he didn't want at first but he managed to fall asleep after a minute in hubby's lap sucking the pacifier.

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