Thursday, September 18, 2008

Is It Fall Already?

For few days now, I observed that we are now getting cold here in North Texas. We are now in the 50'sF in the morning and our highest temperature is on the 80'sF. I love it so much to go out in the evening and feel the cold breeze. It is indeed a break for us after the long hot summer we have here.
Today, I went outside and realize that the leaves of the trees start to fall already. I saw them scattered in the ground and in our porch. It only means I have to clean the porch again everyday or else I will going to have a mountain of leaves. Although, I didn't see yet any change in color of the trees leaves. I know it is too early yet to see the beautiful Fall sceneries.
I know most of us love Fall because of the beautiful colors of the leaves and other amazing sceneries around us that only be seen during fall. To date, this is my second Fall in the US and hope to see more. I just love this season so much!

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