Monday, September 22, 2008

Until When We Are Going to Be Worried for Tomorrow?

Everywhere you go; whenever you turn on your TV or your radio to news; you will always here news on how shaky our economy is right now. A lot of people feared for their work. Why not, when there are a lot of companies that are doing massive lay offs right now. With the food and other stuff getting expensive, no one can just stay very calm in one corner without thinking what will going to happen to them and their families if fate turned the other way.

Even me, I can't help to ask my husband how is he doing in his company. He just laugh at me because he knows that I am being paranoid again hearing all the news around me. Well, who will not get worried? I mean, hubby is pretty safe and he is in a pretty stable position in his company but then it is better to keep your eyes open on what is going on around you in the company rather than waking up one day lossing everything you have.

So, hubby once again assure me that he is okay, his company and the stores he manages are doing fine. So, he will be fine also.

Geez, I just can't help but worry sometimes. I guess, I just have to stop listening to these devastating news.

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