Monday, September 15, 2008

Footprints of Hurricane Ike

Hurricane Ike is already out in our country but it's trace in the South Texas is very visible. Yes, there are millions of people who are forced to leave their home after Ike hit their place. Of all the places who are facing the Gulf of Mexico, it is Galveston that is declared unhabitable at this moment. People who evacuate their houses prior to the official landfall of Hurricane Ike were advised by Galveston government not to go back to their houses unless the government will give them a go signal to do it. Aside from there is no electricity, the water system is also turned off to avoid having the water contaminated.

Since FEMA approves to pay the hotel stay of the people who are affected with Ike. More and more people decided to stay in the hotels than in the evacuation center. As a matter of fact, the hotel where I work is even busier starting yesterday than during or when Hurricane Ike is still approaching the country. Reservation is going crazy with all these people who are trying to book rooms for their families. Since, our hotel is FEMA affiliated hotel that is why we are bombarded with a lot of people who wants to make reservation thru FEMA. Honestly speaking, I would prefer the hotel to be sold out on regular business days than in times of disaster. Yes, they are giving business to the hotel but they have a lot of crazy complains and requests. I know people who are in the hospitality industry knows how crazy this time is.

Nakakaloka bayotzz....

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