Monday, September 29, 2008

Feel Relieve

I was stunned when I heard from the news that Washington Mutual (WaMu) had technically gone out of business. However, I was a relieved with the fact that JP Morgan Chase bought it and everything is okay. Who could have thought that USA's largest bank would collapse in this shaky economy? Well, no one really knows...

The reason why I panic so much is because I have an account with WaMu. Of course, I don't want my hardwork to end up with nothing. Do you want?
The best thing is WaMu was FDIC registered so my money was safe. Thanks God! Otherwise, I would have left in one corner wishing that I have used the money for shopping than saving it and get nothing. LOL . You know what I mean.

With the new owner (JP Morgan Chase), I feel safe again. I know I don't have millions there but even couple of bucks is very important if you work your ass to earn it.

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