Tuesday, September 30, 2008

E-Fave Collections Reborn

Part of my pledge to go back full-time on blogging is changing my fourth blog to my own domain. E-Fave Collections is the title of my fourth blog. Right now, it is still on a free hosted platform but I am really contemplating of making it to my own domain.

Just want to make it clear. I do appreciate blogspot but having my blog to my own domain is advantageous if I want to monetize my blog. As we all know most advertisers prefers blogs in their own domain.

Right now, I didn't have any decision when it comes to this matter. I am still weighing the pros and cons of having another blog. I am still thinking if buying a domain is worth it because I am afraid that I will again run out of time due to busy schedule at work.Well, let us see.

By the way, I am inviting everyone to come take a look at my new blog. CLICK HERE to be redirected.

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