Tuesday, September 23, 2008

American Singing Philippine Song

Wherever I go, I am always proud to be a Filipino. Everytime people will ask me what is my nationality or where I came from, without any second thought I always tell them I am a Filipino/I came from the Philippines. Funny it maybe, at work I always recognize by our guests as someone who came from the Philippines because our name plate contains our name and the country or state (if from USA) where we were born. I am very happy because so far I always heard good compliments from our guests regarding the Filipinos. In return, I am also very proud in telling them what we can be proud of with our country. I even tell them to visit our country if they can. Every time, we have Filipino guests or American who speaks Tagalog, I always speak with them in Tagalog; Bisaya if they are from Visayas and Mindanao.

Truly, I admire those Filipinos who still speak Tagalog or their own dialect when they are talking with our fellowmen; either at work or anywhere they will meet them.

Now, here is a video of an American who knows how to speak our language. I know how hard for them to enunciate our language that is why I absolutely bow down those who tried to learn it. I am teaching my husband little by little and I hope time comes that he can speak as good as this guy.

So ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Dobie (Kanoy919) in his very own version of "Larawang Kupas".

Man, you are so amazing! I hope my husband can speak as fluently as you someday.

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