Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Re-United with My Buddy

Today, I was reunited with one of my dear friends. She is my very close friend since elementary until high school. Even if we didn't get the chance to study in the same school but since we are neighbors so we were still able to continue our friendship.

College days came and she had to go to Manila to pursue her college studies. We were both sad and I hated the day she boarded the bus that will take her to the city where she is going to ride a plane bound to Manila. Although, we both didn't want it to happen but our communication slowly ceased. We became very busy with our studies that we seldom send text messages once in every 2 days.

Today, I was viewing some profile in a social networking site and I was so surprised when I saw her profile through my other friend's profile. I sent her a message asking if she still recognized me; she then replied right away telling me how she missed me so much.

Our meeting over the net made my day! We are so happy to be reunited and promise to have a constant communication from now onwards.

E-Fave Collections Reborn

Part of my pledge to go back full-time on blogging is changing my fourth blog to my own domain. E-Fave Collections is the title of my fourth blog. Right now, it is still on a free hosted platform but I am really contemplating of making it to my own domain.

Just want to make it clear. I do appreciate blogspot but having my blog to my own domain is advantageous if I want to monetize my blog. As we all know most advertisers prefers blogs in their own domain.

Right now, I didn't have any decision when it comes to this matter. I am still weighing the pros and cons of having another blog. I am still thinking if buying a domain is worth it because I am afraid that I will again run out of time due to busy schedule at work.Well, let us see.

By the way, I am inviting everyone to come take a look at my new blog. CLICK HERE to be redirected.

A Night with A 2-Month Old Infant

Last Saturday, my good friend needs to attend the company party of her husband so I decided to baby sit her 2-month old baby. Since, I don't have much idea on how to take care an infant, I decided to ask hubby's help. I am just so happy because he is very supportive of me that night.

Everything went smooth except for some "baby stuff" that are kinda new to me. Hubby keeps on laughing with me because I am very paranoid especially when the baby sounds crying. He just want to be carried that is why he is making all the noise.

When it was already past 10:00PM and he didn't sleep yet that is when he started to be uneasy. I guess he wanted to go to sleep but for some reason he couldn't. So, I ended carrying him in my arms for several minutes.

However, it was hubby who put the puzzle to an end. After a long time of carrying the baby, hubby called me and asked to have the baby. He put him in his lap, put the pacifier in his mouth which he didn't want at first but he managed to fall asleep after a minute in hubby's lap sucking the pacifier.

Monday, September 29, 2008

What's Next?

After WaMu's brim of total collapse, Wachovia comes next. Yes, Wachovia is now owned by Citi Group after they sell their deposits, stocks, etc. to the Citi Group. It is sad to see how these big banks are starting to gone out of business. Imagine, in just a matter of 1 week two large banks are already out of business? It is a very sad scenario.
The economy is indeed on its meltdown right now. The failure of the $700 billion bail out to pass the Congress is making the economy even worst. Just today, DOW stocks lost around 770 points which is the biggest drop ever since the last economic recession happened in the US.
Wall Street is such a mess today! They closed very early after the stocks uncontrollably went down which happens after the rejected $700 billion bail out fail to pass in the Congress.
The question now is, what's next?

Feel Relieve

I was stunned when I heard from the news that Washington Mutual (WaMu) had technically gone out of business. However, I was a relieved with the fact that JP Morgan Chase bought it and everything is okay. Who could have thought that USA's largest bank would collapse in this shaky economy? Well, no one really knows...

The reason why I panic so much is because I have an account with WaMu. Of course, I don't want my hardwork to end up with nothing. Do you want?
The best thing is WaMu was FDIC registered so my money was safe. Thanks God! Otherwise, I would have left in one corner wishing that I have used the money for shopping than saving it and get nothing. LOL . You know what I mean.

With the new owner (JP Morgan Chase), I feel safe again. I know I don't have millions there but even couple of bucks is very important if you work your ass to earn it.

My Comfort Day

I had a very good sleep today. There is no reason for me to rush my morning since it's my day off. I am giving myself plenty of time to feel the comfort of our bed. I can't do it everyday so I am just so happy every time I have time to hang out in our house.

No food yet for me. There is no breakfast; nothing since I am not hungry yet and I have no appetite to eat brunch (breakfast and lunch). However, I am already getting myself ready to cook something for me. Yeah, I am not hungry but I know I have to eat.

Just like my last day off, I am going to spend my time today blogging. As what I have said, I am going to be serious again with blogging. After all, I don't want to miss the opportunity of earning more bucks. More earning means more money for saving.

I have to go now but I will be back momentarily. Need to cook somethinf for brunch!

Hansgrohe Faucets

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Keep Yourself Warm on Winter

Fall has officially start and in couple of months winter will set in. The question is, are you ready for the cold? I am! I already start buying some autumn clothes that I can also wear during winter.

I am also shopping online especially at CozyWinters.com looking for heated blanket. Actually, we have one in the house but I want to buy more for the kids since they might be with us on winter.

I love shopping at Cozy Winters because they have wide selections of heated blankets so I have more option especially in choosing what type of cloth and color I want to buy. I am sure they have something for you too so next time you shop, try them!

Live Your Dream Weight with Slim10

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One Stop Memory Solution!

There is no moment in my life that I don't have my camera ready to capture any precious memories. It might be an exaggeration to some people but for me an event is dull without those bright camera flashes. Yes, I am a camera addict if that is what the latter means.

Sometimes, if I forgot to download to the computer the current pictures in my camera, I ended up deleting some of them which I hate to do. Who wants to anyway? Therefore, I decided to buy another memory card for my camera. In this way, I always have a back.

Yesterday, I started shopping for digital flash memory cards and storage at MemorySuppliers.com. I found what I need and I decided to buy it next payday, anyway this isn't very urgent so it can wait. What I like at MemorySuppliers.com is the fact that it carries several type of memory cards, storage, batteries and phone chargers of any brand; therefore, giving their customers a lot of options. MemorySuppliers.com is indeed a one stop memory solution!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Quality and Affordable Fashion Jewelry

Hubby and I share the same views and standard when it comes to dress, jewelry, shoes and many more. Lately, we were in serious talk trying to figure out what else we can do to earn extra money. With today’s economy, you really have to think of a back-up with your finances for rainy days. We are considering right now to start a little business using our savings and wholesale fashion jewelry and other stuff are one of our prospects.

Hubby and I are now starting to look for online and outlet stores where to get our supply. DsKeepsakes.com is one of the online stores which we find perfect to buy wholesale fashion jewelry. Why?Because, aside from their affordable prices, they also made quality, trendy and unique lines ranging from Swarovski crystal jewelry, extensive line of Christian jewelry and theme bracelets and designer look jewelry. To stay on top, hubby and I firmly believe that having the latest, affordable and quality fashion jewelry is what people would love to buy.

NC Health Insurance Facts

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sometimes, Things Are Better Left Unsaid. . .

Do you agree?

I am a straightforward person. I speak what my mind thinks. I gave my opinion but I make sure if it is a criticism, it is a constructive criticsm not always destructive. Our nature needs balance and harmony so do we. Yes, there is no harm in letting people aware of what you think and what you believe in. However, make sure that you have enough grounds for doing such. Think and think again. Don't rush and most of all don't let your emotion rule you. Remember that in most cases, people can't think well if they will let only their emotion to rule without letting the brain thinks. For me, a decision should comes from the heart and mind of a person.

Though I am a straightforward person, I am still a firm believer that there things better left unsaid. Just remember that once a word comes out from your mouth, there is no way for you to get it back. Hurting words can create more pain that can be engrave deeper in one's heart and it takes so much time to heal. As what they said, it is better to be hurt physically than emotionally because once the scar is gone there is no mark anymore of the pain that the person had been through.

Yes, we are free to speak what we want since we are living in democratic country. But what is the use of exercising your freedom of speech when it causes so much pain for your others?
My point of view is, speak from your heart; talk with compassion and let your brain think first prior to uttering those words.

American Singing Modelong Charing

I can't really help but admire this American guy who has a Youtube account with a lot of entries of Philippine songs which are sung no other than himself. Hubby was even very impressed when he heard and saw him speaking Tagalog. It is very nice to hear someone who doesn't have Filipino decent speaking our language.

If you want to visit his Youtube channel, just search for Kanoy919.

FYI: Kanoy is the abbreviation of Kano (Philippine term for Americans) and Pinoy. Cool right?

Now, here is Dobbie (otherwise known as Kanoy919 in Youtube) version of Modelong Charing by Black Jack.

Idol!!! Go, go, go......

American Singing Philippine Song

Wherever I go, I am always proud to be a Filipino. Everytime people will ask me what is my nationality or where I came from, without any second thought I always tell them I am a Filipino/I came from the Philippines. Funny it maybe, at work I always recognize by our guests as someone who came from the Philippines because our name plate contains our name and the country or state (if from USA) where we were born. I am very happy because so far I always heard good compliments from our guests regarding the Filipinos. In return, I am also very proud in telling them what we can be proud of with our country. I even tell them to visit our country if they can. Every time, we have Filipino guests or American who speaks Tagalog, I always speak with them in Tagalog; Bisaya if they are from Visayas and Mindanao.

Truly, I admire those Filipinos who still speak Tagalog or their own dialect when they are talking with our fellowmen; either at work or anywhere they will meet them.

Now, here is a video of an American who knows how to speak our language. I know how hard for them to enunciate our language that is why I absolutely bow down those who tried to learn it. I am teaching my husband little by little and I hope time comes that he can speak as good as this guy.

So ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Dobie (Kanoy919) in his very own version of "Larawang Kupas".

Man, you are so amazing! I hope my husband can speak as fluently as you someday.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Until When We Are Going to Be Worried for Tomorrow?

Everywhere you go; whenever you turn on your TV or your radio to news; you will always here news on how shaky our economy is right now. A lot of people feared for their work. Why not, when there are a lot of companies that are doing massive lay offs right now. With the food and other stuff getting expensive, no one can just stay very calm in one corner without thinking what will going to happen to them and their families if fate turned the other way.

Even me, I can't help to ask my husband how is he doing in his company. He just laugh at me because he knows that I am being paranoid again hearing all the news around me. Well, who will not get worried? I mean, hubby is pretty safe and he is in a pretty stable position in his company but then it is better to keep your eyes open on what is going on around you in the company rather than waking up one day lossing everything you have.

So, hubby once again assure me that he is okay, his company and the stores he manages are doing fine. So, he will be fine also.

Geez, I just can't help but worry sometimes. I guess, I just have to stop listening to these devastating news.

HEROES Welcome!

Another season of the most anticipated series in NBC 5 starts tonight!

Everyone welcomes HEROES back. In Dallas, Texas, Angelica Theater, is offers free admission tonight for all HEROES fans to watch the 3-hour premiere at the theater. Not only that, they also offer a great game tonight. Fans who will wear their favorite HEROES or villains customes will get the chance to win an exciting price.

I am sure this season will be another hit just like what happened to the last onee. Per review, the story is getting more exciting and there will be more great episodes and breath-taking scenes.

I am not very much into this series but I know some of my friends and even hubby likes this.
More HEROES nights on NBC 5 starting tonight!

Plan Ahead of Time

Even if you are only going to a party in the next city that you aren't familiar, plan your trip ahead of time. Print out direction and the map that goes with it. It would help you pretty much.
We wasted a lot of gas and time for not printing the direction. Last minute prior to us leaving the house, I rushed anc decided to just copy the direction since our printer isn't working. When I look at the direction, it seems like I and hubby know where to go. We are familiar with first 2 streets. However, because I was in a hurry already, I forgot to copy one line that is very much important.
As a result we ended going to the wrong way. We realized that we were lost when we were driving far already and we still didn't see the exit for the interstate that we are looking for.
Lesson learned? Prepare, prepare and prepare everything in advance.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Officially Fall!

Autumn is already here. On Monday, we going to officially welcome Autumn, otherwise known as Fall. This will be the second time that I will experience Fall. Oh, I am so excited! I will get the chance again to see the beautiful color of the leaves and feel the soothing cold breeze. I am so excieted about it. At least I will suffer from the burning heat of Texas. LOL
Yeah, I feel like I got too much heat already. I hate Texas summer already for its high temperature; I love it because I got the chance to wear sexy clothes and go swimming anytime I want. Anyway, now that summer is about to end I have to start shopping for Fall/Winter clothes. It will gonna be fun!!! LOL

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Is It Fall Already?

For few days now, I observed that we are now getting cold here in North Texas. We are now in the 50'sF in the morning and our highest temperature is on the 80'sF. I love it so much to go out in the evening and feel the cold breeze. It is indeed a break for us after the long hot summer we have here.
Today, I went outside and realize that the leaves of the trees start to fall already. I saw them scattered in the ground and in our porch. It only means I have to clean the porch again everyday or else I will going to have a mountain of leaves. Although, I didn't see yet any change in color of the trees leaves. I know it is too early yet to see the beautiful Fall sceneries.
I know most of us love Fall because of the beautiful colors of the leaves and other amazing sceneries around us that only be seen during fall. To date, this is my second Fall in the US and hope to see more. I just love this season so much!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just Another Day

Happy days are gone. Now, I have to go back and face the busy days at the hotel due to several Hurricane Ike evacuees who are staying with us thru FEMA. Time does fly so much at my 2 days off is now over. In 2 hours I will already start with my shift. Oh, I can't wait to have these days over. I have been working so much lately and been very tired that is why even if I am just with my off, I am already looking forward for my next off. Oh, life!
Oh, sorry to say all these stuff here. Just want to vent out. I feel relax and at ease when I can say what I feel inside. Oh well, got to go now and eat my brunch. Thanks for listening! I will check back here after eating.
Good day!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hubby's English-Bisaya Tutorial

Even before when we were still dating, I already started teaching hubby with basic Bisaya words. I want him to try to learn my language but I was surprised to know that he is even more eager to learn. If we are wondering how we do it, it is very easy. All I have to do is to write down all the words in english and its corresponding Bisaya translation then I have to break the Bisaya word into syllables that have an English sound similarity.

Some of the words that I am teaching him are as follows:

Bald -- Opaw (O-pao)
My/I/me/mine -- Ko/Ako
I Love You -- Mahal Kita (ma-hal kee-ta)
I Miss You -- Gimingaw Ko Nimo (Ge-me-now Ko Ne-mo)
Husband -- Bana (Ba-na)
Wife -- Asawa (A-sa-wa)
Good -- Maayo (Ma-a-u)
Good Morning -- Maayo Buntag (Ma-a-u Boon-tag)
Good Noon -- Maayo Udto (Ma-a-u Od-to)
Good Afternoon -- Maayo Hapon (Ma-a-u Ha-pon)
Good Evening -- Maayo Gabii (Ma-a-u Ga-bee-ee)
Thank You -- Salamat (Sa-la-mat)
You're Welcome -- Walang Anuman (Wa-lang A-noo-man)
Sleep -- Tulog (Too-log)
I will sleep -- Tulog ko ( Too-log Ko)
Are you going to sleep? -- Tulog Na Ka (Too-log Na Ka)?
Eat -- Kaon (Ka-on)
I will eat -- Kaon ko (Ka-on Ko)
Are you getting to eat? -- Kaon ka (Ka-on Ka)?

The above are some of the words that I already taught him. Just want to let everyone knows that it was my intention to omit syllables like ma- for "tulog" (sleep) and mo- for "kaon" (eat) and -ng for "maayo buntag" (good morning) for my husband's convenience to learn to speak and remember the words easier and faster. I tell you, we had a pretty good laugh when we are on our session. LOL. But I love listening to how he says the words. Most of all, I am so proud of him for trying her best to learn my dialect.

Oh, if I will tell my hubby, "Ako opaw gwapo bana", he knows what it means and he will have a very big smile in his face. LOL

What A Disaster!

A house in the middle of the road! Could it be possible? Sounds very impossible but Hurricane Ike made it happens. After Hurricane Ike left South Texas, thousands if not millions of people are left homeless and had lost their sense of livelihood. A lot of them are forced to leave their homes after some places especially Galveston are declared unhabitable due to no electricity and water. Think of the worst and that is what you are going to see in Galveston, Hoston, Beaumont and other places in South Texas.

To give you an idea on how terrible the damage left by Hurricane Ike. Here are some pics:

Photo's Source


I am so happy to be reconnected again with some of my close friends. It's been a while since I talked to them because I was so busy with my work. I even felt guilty I know they understand me. After all, we all know that life and work in the US is not easy at all if we aren't going to take it seriously and work our butt to the maximum. I am happy to know everything goes fine with the lives of the people I care. Well, I know that being busy isn't a good excuse for having no time to get in touch with them often that is why I am trying my best to cover up what I miss. I know I am just lazy sometimes to get up early during my off and do something more productive before the end of the day. LOL. I am trying my best to change but since my schedule change very often at this moment, that is why I am very tired most of the times. I am hoping to have a more stable schedule soon.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Cowboys On the Go!

Tonight is Monday football night. My fave NFL team, Dallas Cowboys, is playing against Philadelphia Eagles right now. If you remember in the last season, both teams played good. Right now, the game is already in the last 3 minutes of the 4th quarter and my team is on the lead by 4 points. It is not a very big lead so I am hoping that Cowboys will still work hard. If both teams are good then there is always a possibility to score in every second. My team is good I know with that but I hope this season they will be more aggresive and being careful in their moves in the field. In the last season, there were a lot of turn overs and they miss a lot of opportunities to forward more in the league. Anyhow, Cowboys was still the Champion in their respective division.
UPDATE: And oh, Cowboys won against Eagles at 41-37. Go Cowboys!!!

Footprints of Hurricane Ike

Hurricane Ike is already out in our country but it's trace in the South Texas is very visible. Yes, there are millions of people who are forced to leave their home after Ike hit their place. Of all the places who are facing the Gulf of Mexico, it is Galveston that is declared unhabitable at this moment. People who evacuate their houses prior to the official landfall of Hurricane Ike were advised by Galveston government not to go back to their houses unless the government will give them a go signal to do it. Aside from there is no electricity, the water system is also turned off to avoid having the water contaminated.

Since FEMA approves to pay the hotel stay of the people who are affected with Ike. More and more people decided to stay in the hotels than in the evacuation center. As a matter of fact, the hotel where I work is even busier starting yesterday than during or when Hurricane Ike is still approaching the country. Reservation is going crazy with all these people who are trying to book rooms for their families. Since, our hotel is FEMA affiliated hotel that is why we are bombarded with a lot of people who wants to make reservation thru FEMA. Honestly speaking, I would prefer the hotel to be sold out on regular business days than in times of disaster. Yes, they are giving business to the hotel but they have a lot of crazy complains and requests. I know people who are in the hospitality industry knows how crazy this time is.

Nakakaloka bayotzz....

Friday, September 12, 2008

South Texas Massive Evacuation Due to Hurricane Ike

Houston - Galveston area is only 5-6 hours drive from Dallas-Fort Worth area; however, because of the massive evacuation because of the Hurricane Ike travel time increases to 9-12 hours. Can you imagine how terrible the traffic would be when thousands of people from South Texas are flocking the streets? Well, that is what happened since yesterday afternoon. When our guests who are Hurricane Ike evacuees arrived in the hotel yesterday we can see the tiredness, trouble and worry they have by leaving their home. Of course, you can't take it from them to be freaking worried thinking that their houses can be one of the victims of Hurricane Ike.
A lot of people are hesitant to evacuate. I can tell it by what is going on in the reservation of hotel rooms. At one point, people called to make reservations and after few minutes they will call again to cancel it and vice-versa. I think their decision rely on the progress of the hurricane; either, it is getting stronger or not. There were also hurricane evacuees whose reservations supposed to start today but in the last minute they changed their minds to come last night since they are getting scared as the wind is getting stronger and the waves are getting higher and bigger.
Today and tomorrow, our hotel management are expecting more and more people to come and stay with us. So, we are expecting to have a very busy weekend. Our guests right now are more than doubled when we are sold out on regular business days. Anyway, we are also very happy to help them and to be of service to them at this crucial times in their lives.