Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Take a Look at Your Electricity Bill

To all business owner, make sure you do your all your business honestly and fairly. Well, you might be wondering why I said this. Unfortunately, we had a very bad experience with our electric company provider. I still remember that hubby and I were on a very good mood; happily sharing experiences and views with our respective job until he decided to check our mailbox. Just when he enters our room I knew already that there was something wrong. I had the perception that he got a bad news from one of our mails. Of all, I never expect that it has to do with our electricity bill. In the past few days, I had seen a lot of news regarding questionably high electric bill charged to the consumers. Today, we just realized we (hubby and I) are one of the victims of this unfair business. Their claim was they increased by 3 cents per KWH which we really don't care since that increase isn't very big. Our (hubby and I) concern has to do with the around 35% increase in our KWH consumption compared to the past 2 months. Who will not go crazy when you had an additional 500 KWH for this month compared to last month and there was nothing added to your appliances and no one is around the house in the morning since we (hubby and I) are both working. Now, tell me why I should not be crazy about it. Oh, the 1 hour time I spent on hold just to get hold of a manager/supervisor of First Power Choice (our electricity provider) triggers more of my anger and frustration. Hubby and I do our Math and we had concluded that indeed there was wrong in the meter reading. Tomorrow we will call them again and present them our computations. We also agreed to have our meter re-read and if proven that the meter reading was wrong then it will be my time to shine... LOL... They just have to wait...

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